Hebrews 12 Quiz

1.  Most likely who is being referred to with the phrase "cloud of witnesses?"

2.  What two things is the believer told to "lay aside?"

3.  How are we to "run the race" that is set before us?

4.  What best defines what is meant by " the race?"
     A.  A real foot race. B.  The Christian Life. C. Tribulations

5.  Who is the reader to look to for strength and encouragement as they run this race?

6.  Jesus Christ is referred to here as the ____________ and ______________ of our faith.

7.  What is mentioned in this chapter as something The Lord does to his children to correct them
      and profit them?

8.  Fill in the blanks, five points each. " Follow ___________ with all men! and ___________, 
     without which no man shall see The Lord."

9.  Who is mentioned in this chapter as a profane person?

10.  What is mentioned here that can trouble and defile a person?

BONUS#1. There are two responses listed that Moses had when he was on the mount, list them,
                   five points each.
BONUS#2. What heavenly city is referred to in verse 22.

BONUS#3. Complete this verse, "For our God is a consuming  ________."
BONUS#4. Who is the author warning the readers to not refuse or turn away from?

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