Philippians 2 Quiz

Philippians 2 Quiz
11.        Who does Paul mentions in chapter 2 that cared for the believers of Philippi?
22.       Who is mentioned in v. 6 as being in the form of God?
33.       This chapter also tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ took upon himself the form of a __________
44.       Fill in the blanks, “Do all things without _______________ and ______________________.
55.       Who is mentioned in this chapter as being sick and full of heaviness?
66.       Who has a name that is above every other name, according to chapter 2?
77.       Who will bow to Jesus Christ as Lord one day A. The saved B. All people C. The Jews
88.       According to v. 3, nothing is to be done through strife or ___________________.
99.       According to this chapter, who works in the believer to will and to do that of his good pleasure.
A.      Christ B. The Holy Spirit C. God the Father
110.   What relationship does Paul use here to refer to Timothy?
        BONUS#1  Who is each believer to esteem above themselves?     
        BONUS#2   There are two words Paul uses here to describe the present nation, what are they?

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