1 Peter 2 Quiz

1.  Using the illustration of a newborn babe, what is the new believer to desire?

2.  In verse one there are five things mentioned that the believer is to lay aside, name the, five points

3.  Who is the chief cornerstone?

4.  What word is used to describe those that "stumble" concerning Christ and the word of God?

5.  According to verse eleven, what wars against our soul?

6.  What two words are used in this chapter to illustrate the fact that believers are not of this world?

7.  What word is used in this chapter to describe the lifestyle of the believer?

8.  According to verse twelve, whar are the unbelievers supposed to see in God's people, that will
     result in The Lord being glorified?

9.  Fill in the blank, "_________ yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake:..."

10.  Would every ordinance include the speed limit?

BONUS#1. What type of men will be put to silence if believers obey the command concerning
                   the ordinances of man?

BONUS#2. In your own words describe when God receives glory concerning a believer being 
                   treated wrongly?

BONUS#3. Whose steps are we to follow concerning believers being treated wrongly?  

1 Peter 1 Quiz

1. Who is the writer of this book?

2.  Who is this book written to and who is meant bt the phrase used for these people?

3.  There are four characteristics used to describe the "inheritance," name them, five points each.

4.  Fill in the blanks, five points each.  Who are _________ by the power of God through faith unto

     ___________ ready to be revealed in the last time.

5.  What is the trial of the believers faith considered more precious than?  A.  Gold  B.  Hay  C. Silver
 Believer is NOT 
6.  What is referred to in this chapter as the end of the Christian's faith, the salvation of the ______.

7.  Who enquired and searched diligently the above mentioned salvation?ecause

8.  Fill in the blanks, five points each.  " Because it is written, Be ye _______ for I am _________.

9.  How is the believer told to pass his time on earth as he ponders on the future judgment?

10. What two things are listed that the believer is NOT redeemed with?

BONUS# 1.  How is the Christian redeemed, with what?
BONUS# 2.  What animal is mentioned referring to both Christ and the animal that was used for some 
                     O.T. sacrifices?
BONUS #3.  How long will the word of The Lord endure according to verse 25?

Hebrews 13 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blank, " Let brotherly __________ continue.  

2.  According to verse two, what beings have been among God's people at times, unknown to them?

3.  What category of brethren does the writer tell the readers to "remember in verse three?

4.  According to verse four as well as other passages does The Lord clearly judge the immoral, while
     He approves of the marriage relationship, yes or no?

5.  Fill in the blanks, five points each.  "Let your conversation be without ____________; and be
     ___________ with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."

6.  What word best describes the word "conversation" the way it is used in many scriptures? 
     A. race  B. gossip  C. Lifestyle

7.  What type of doctrines is the reader told to not be carries away with, there are two answers, five points each.

8.  Who are the readers told to remember, obey and submit to, in this chapter?

9.  Does this mean to do so regardless of doctrinal changes or if they get involved in sin?

10.  What land is mentioned at the end of the chapter?

BONUS#1.  What responsibility do the Elders have according to verse 17.
BONUS#2.  What does the word "communicate" most likely refer to in this chapter?
BONUS#3.  What are we to offer to God continually according to verse 15.