2 Cor 8&9 Quiz

1.  What is the primary content of these two chapters?

2.  The ministry mentioned in these chapters is called the "fellowship of the ministering to the ___________."

3.  Is the context of giving in these chapters to A. The Church B. The Church leaders C. Believers in Need
     D.  Mission Support E. Faith Promise Giving

4.  Fill in the blank, "...to prove the sincerity of your ________________."

5.  Fill in the blank, "For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye _______________________."

6.  Who in chapter 8 does Paul refer to as his fellowhelper and his partner?

7.  How will a person reap, if they sow bountifully?

8.  How is the giving stated to be done in 9:7, A. a certain percentage commanded to be given or B. as a person himself decides how much to give?

9.  According to chapter 9, what type of a giver does God love?

10.  What passage in the NT scriptures also deals with collections for the saints?

BONUS#1 According to the NT when is the believer to lay aside his gift for believers in need?
BONUS#2 Where is tithing COMMANDED (not just mentioned) for the NT believer?
BONUS#3 Does the Lord desire our giving to be liberal or conservative according to chapter 9?

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