2 Cor 12 & 13 Quiz

1.  Was Paul the one caught up into the third heaven?

2.  Who is a possibility of the one caught up into the third heaven?

3.  What is considered the first heaven?

4.  Who does Paul believe gave him his "thorn in the flesh?"

5.  Fill in the blank, "...my ____________ is sufficient for thee..."

6.  There are three things mentioned by Paul as being signs of an Apostle, name as many as you can.
      10 pts. each

7.  In the mouth of how many witnesses is every word established, one two, three or four?

8.  What cult claims that their book is one of these witnesses?

9.  According to 13:5, what does Paul tell the brethren to do to see if they are in the faith?

10.  How does Paul tell the believers to greet one another?
BONUS#1 What co-worker of Paul's is mentioned in chapter 12?
BONUS#2 Paul names 5 things that he takes pleasures in, the first is infirmities.  Name as many
of the others as you can. 5 pts. each.