James 5 Quiz

1.  What category of men is James writing to in the first six verses of the chapter?

2.  By the inference of these verses, does it sound like the majority of the men who fit into this category are   righteous and Godly or unrighteous and unGodly?

3.  Fill in the blank, "Be ______________ therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord."

4.  Who does James mention that have spoken in the name of the Lord, A. Apostles B. Prophets
      C. Disciples

5.  According to this chapter, what is our "yea" to be?

6.  What is it the believer is to not do and not do by heaven or by earth?

7.  What OT prophet is mentioned in James 5?

8.  According to what is written here, was Elijah A.  a superman with no possibility of sin or weakness, or     B. was he subject to the same passions as all of us.

9.  In the account here of Elijah's life, how long did it not rain?

10.   Complete this verse, "The effectual _________________ prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

BONUS#1 According to v. 13, what is a believer who is merry, to do?
BONUS#2 According to this chapter, who is to be called if one in the assembly is sick?
BONUS#3 What word or form of a word is used 4 times in this chapter?

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