Judges 17 & 18

1.  Who took 1000 shekels of silver from his mother in Chapter 17?  _________________________
2.  What did his mother do with the money when it was returned to her?  ______________________
3.  Who did this man consecrate as his priest in Ch. 17? ___________________________________
4.  Complete this verse, "In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did _____________
     ___________  _____  ___________  ______ ________  ____________  ________________"
5.  Name one of the things Micah promised the Levite Priest to stay with him?  __________________
6.  What tribe were the men of that spyed out the land and that came upon Micah's priest?  _________
7.  There are 4 types of idols or consecrated things listed in ch. 18, name 2 of them.  ______________
8.  Why was Micah upset with the five men?  ___________________________________________
9.  Did the levite priest stay with micah or go with the 5 men?  _______________________________
10.  What did the men call the city they took over?  _______________________________________
BONUS #1 There are three qualities mentioned concerning the people of the city the 5 men overthrow,
        name one of them.  ___________________________________________________________
BONUS#2 THIS QUESTION IS WITH AN OPEN BIBLE!  Search these 2 chapters and see if you can
       locate the probable name of the city that is mentioned in18:27,28.  The answer is NOT in v.27 or 28.

Judges Chapters 15&16

1.  What did Samson's father do with Samson's wife?  __________________________________________
2.  How many foxes did Samson catch and use against the Philistines?  ______________________________
3.  How did the Philistines respond?  _______________________________________________________
4.  Where were the men from that bound Samson the first time?  Timnath, Etam or Judah? ________________
5.  How many men did Samson slay with the jawbone of an ass?  __________________________________
6.  Where was the water that the Lord provided for Samson?  _____________________________________
7.  Does the Bible state that Delilah was a harlot?  Yes or No?  ____________________________________
8.  Name at least one item that Samson took from the gate as he walked off?  _________________________
9.  How many times did Samson tell Delilah a false way of his strength being diminished?  ______________
10.  What is the false god mentioned in chapter 16 that the Philistines worshipped?  ___________________
Bonus#1   Where was the prison house that they brought Samson to?  _____________________________
Bonus#2  Did Samson slay more of the Philistines during his life or at his death?  ______________________

Judges 13 and 14

1.  What is Samson's father's name?
2.  What physical problem did Manoah's wife have?
3.  Was Samson a Nazarite or a Nazarene?
4.  What drinks was Samson's mother not to have?
5.  Who made the Nazarite Vow?
6.  What food was Samson's mother not allowed to partake of?
7.  What land did Samson's wife come from?
8.  Did Samson violate God's will by marrying a woman that was daughter to the Philistines?
9.  What animal did Samson kill in chapter 14?
10.  What was in the carcass of the lion when Samson returned?
Bonus Question#1 What gave Samson the ability to kill the lion according to the passage?
Bonus Question#2 What did Samson promise if his companions could answer the riddle within 7 days and how many did he promise?