1 Timothy 2 Quiz

1.  What does Paul exhort should be made Kings and those in Authority?  Name them, 5 points each.

2.  Two words are used to describe the life that those will LEAD under the rule of those that are
     mentioned here, name them, 5 points each.

3.  Fill in the blanks, "Who will have _____ men to be saved, and to come unto the ______________
     of the truth."

4.  Does the Lord MAKE people get saved, yes or no?

5.  According to verse five, how many mediators are there between God and men?

6.  What well-known false religious system is 2 :5 applicable to?

7.  There are three things listed that Paul is ordained as, name them, 5 points each.

8.  What two things are prerequisites to men praying with hands lifted up?

9.  What type of apparel are women to be adorned in according to 2:9?

10.  What characteristic is a Godly woman to  have or be adorned with? "_______ works."

BONUS#1 Complete the verse, "Let the woman learn in silence with all _______."
BONUS#2 According to verse 14, who was deceived first, Adam or Eve?
BONUS#3 There are two characteristics linked with along with the type of apparel in 2:9,
                   both start with the letter "s."  Name them, 5 points each.

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