2 Timothy 3 Quiz

1. According to verse 1, what kind of times will come in the last days?

2. According to verse 4, what will many in the last days love more than God?

3. Fill in the blank, "Having a form of ________, but denying the power thereof: from such
turn away."

4. What are those in verses 6 and 7 never able to come to the knowledge of?

5. Paul mentions the names of the two men that opposes Moses, name them. 5 points each.

6. There are two characteristics of the men described in the chapter that are like those that
opposed Moses, name them. 5 points each.

7. Paul names 3 cities where he received persecution and afflictions, name them. 5 points

8. Fill in the blank, "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer ________."

9. According to verse 16, how much scripture is given by inspiration of God?

10. Give the definition for inspired.

BONUS #1. There are 19 things listed as characteristics of those living in the last days,
name as many as you can, with exact wording. 5 points each.
BONUS # 2. Paul mentions 9 things that Paul knew of Timothy, the first one listed is
doctrine; name as many of the others as you can. 5 points each.
BONUS #3. There are 4 things listed that the Word of God is profitable for; name them. 5 points each.
BONUS #5. Fill in the blanks,
"That the man of God may be _______, thoroughly furnished
unto all good _______."

2 Timothy 1 Quiz

1. What particular thing does Paul remember about Timothy regarding his Christian life?

2. What was the name of Timothy's mother?

3. What was the name of Timothy's grandmother?

4. What was Paul trying to "stir up" by remembrance in Timothy's life?

5. Fill in the blank, " For God hath not given us the spirit of _______..."

6. In completing the above verse, Paul lists 3 things that The Lord has given us, name
them. 5 points each.

7. Paul encouraged Timothy not to be what, concerning the testimony of the Lord and Paul's

8. Paul was appointed to be 3 things according to verse 11; name as many as you can. 5 points each.

9. Fill in the blanks, 5 points each. "....for I know whom I have __________, and am
persuaded that he is able to ________ that which I have ____________ unto him against
that day."

10. What kind of words was Timothy to hold fast to, according to verse 13?
A. Good 
B. Pure
C. Sound

BONUS#1 Paul names 2 men that turned away from him; name them. 5 points each.
BONUS#2. Who does Paul ask the Lord to give mercy to, who sought out Paul and refreshed him?

2 Timothy 2 Quiz

1. Fill in the blank, "Thou therefore, my son, be _______ in the grace that is in Christ Jesus."

2. Is Paul referring here to physical or spiritual strength?

3. What type of men was Timothy to commit what Paul had taught him?

4. What is mentioned by Paul in verse 3 that Timothy was encouraged to "endure?"

5. What term is used in verse 3 describing a good Christian?
A. Brother 
B. Soldier 
C. Police Officer

6. Fill in the blanks, 5 points each. " No man that warreth _________ himself with the _____
of this life; that he may _______ him who hath chosen him to be a soldier."

7. According to verse 5, how is the person striving for mysteries supposed to strive?
A. Lawfully
B. Legally 
C. Honestly

8. What OT person is mentioned in this chapter?

9. There are 4 things listed that Paul states a believer is to follow. The first is righteousness,
name as many of the others as you can. 5 points each.

10. What do foolish and unlearned questions "gender" or result in?

BONUS # 1. There are 2 things Paul tells Timothy that he is to do regarding the Word, the first is to_________ to show thyself approved and the other is to _________ __________ the word of
BONUS # 2. Is the command for the servant of the Lord to be gentle referring to always, or the
servant's general demeanor?
BONUS # 3. Name a time when the Lord Jesus Christ was not gentle.
BONUS # 4. According to verse 26, who snares and takes captive many?

1 Timothy 6 Quiz

1.  Does the wording of "servant" and "master" seem to denote, A. Employment B. Slavery C. None
     of the above

2.  If the Bible does refer to slavery to some degree, does this mean that the Lord encourages slavery
     as we have seen in the last two hundred years in our country, yes or no?

3.  Should any person be treated differently based upon their color, lineage or financial status?

4.  There are four things listed that characterize the person that will not consent to wholesome words
      and correct doctrine, name them, 5 pts. each.

5.  There are at least five things listed that result from these characteristics, name as many as you can,
      5 pts. each.

6.  Fill in the blank, "But godliness with ____________ is great gain."

7.  There are two things listed that when had, should keep us content, name them.

8.  Is money the root of all evil?

9.  There are six things listed that the man of God is to follow after, name as many as you can, 5 pts.

10.  Fill in the blank, "Fight the __________ fight of faith..."

BONUS#1 There are two things listed that the rich can fall into, name them, 5 pts. each
BONUS#2  Who gives us all things to enjoy?
BONUS#3  Twice in this chapter the believer is told to lay hold on something, what is it?
BONUS#4  Is "gain", meaning wealth and possessing many material possessions, godliness or a
                    sign of godliness?
BONUS#5  There are three things listed that Paul tells Timothy to avoid, name them, 5 pts. each.

1 Timothy 5 Quiz

1. Are there two types of elders mentioned in this chapter, ruling elders and men that are just older, yes or no?

2. Would verse one be dealing with those in the office of an elder or just one that is older.

3. Who has the first responsibility of caring for a widow?

4. What does the term, "widow indeed" mean?

5. If there are no relatives to care for a widow, who then should take care of their needs?

6. What is the age requirement that Paul gives for a widow to be cared for by the local assembly?

7. There are four things listed that Paul recommends that the young widows do, name as many
as you can, 5 pts each.
8. There are two things listed regarding the elders that are worthy of double honor ( receiving
gifts), what are they?

9. Is it correct for a younger man to rebuke an elder man, generally? Yes or no?

10. What type of infirmity did Timothy apparently suffer from on a regular basis?

BONUS 1 In your own words, what is Paul referring to when he tells Timothy to "lay hands
suddenly on no man?"

BONUS 2 Complete the verse, " ...the laborer is worthy of his _________."
BONUS 3 What does the word "infidel" mean?