2 Thessalonians 3 Quiz

1.  Paul refers in verse 2 to men that he desired to be delivered from, name as many characteristics as you
     can about these men, 5 points each.

2.  Complete the verse, "But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from __________."

3.  Is there ANY reference in this chapter to the Lord's return, yes or no?

4.  What does the word "disorderly" mean, in a general sense?

5.  What does the word "disorderly" mean in this chapter?

6.  What word best describes Paul's position? A. Elder B. Pastor C. Apostle

7.  Other than forming and instructing believers regarding NT assemblies and other matters, what was Paul's
      main serving ministry?

8.  What work did Paul do to provide for many of his needs?

9.  Was it acceptable for Paul to receive support from God's people, yes or no?

10.  According to Paul's writings here, is a person who is being disorderly to be fellowshipped with?

BONUS#1 Fill in the blanks, 5 points each.  "Yet count him not as an ___________, but admonish
him as a ______________."
BONUS#2  In verse 11, Paul gives a characteristic of those that are disorderly, name it.

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