1 Corinthians 7&8 Quiz

1.  Does the evidence point to Paul being married or unmarried from these chapters?

2.  According to the definition of the word "touch" is it appropriate for unmarried people to hug, hold hands
     or kiss, members of the opposite sex, before marriage, yes or no.

3.  Circle the best word or phrase that best describes how the Lord feels about divorce, or one "putting away"
      their  spouse.  "Does not care for" "advises against" "hates" "dislikes"

4.  Should a believing spouse kick out a spouse that is an unbeliever, yes or no?

5.  Complete this verse, "yes are bought with a ___________."

6.  According to chapter 7, is it wrong, or is it natural for a married person to care for and please his or her

7.  Do the scriptures give any allowance for a NT believer marrying an unbeliever, yes or no.

8.  What chapter in the NT is very similar to chapter 8?

9.  What word is also part of the definition of the word "god?"

10.  What should a believer do if their "liberty" is causing a brother to stumble in their Christian walk?

BONUS#1 and 2 Complete this verse,  "knowledge ___________ up, but ____________ edifieth."

1 Corinthians 6 Quiz

1.  What is the central teaching of the first part of the chapter?

2.  According to this chapter, Christians will one day judge the world and who else?

3.  Complete this verse, "But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before _____________."

4.  Name three of the types of sinners that are listed in v. 9.

5.  According to this passage, what will the people who live in this sins, NOT inherit?

6.  There are three things listed after the statement, "and such were some of you."  Name two of them.

7.  According to the passage, the believers body is the temple of the ____________ ______________.

8.  Complete this phrase from v. 20, "For ye are bought with a ______________."

9.  According to v. 20, the believer is to glorify God with his body and his _______________.

10.  Would the Lord rather we push for our rights in the matter of disagreements between believers or take
     the fault?

BONUS#1 Who are to be set to judge the differences?  "Set them who are least _______________
    in the church."

BONUS#2 All things are lawful according to this chapter, Paul states, but not all things are what?

1 Corinthians 4 & 5

1.  What does the word "minister" mean?

2.  What does the word "steward" mean?

3.  To answer the question in ch. 4, who makes one ( a person) to differ from another?

4.  What group of people was Paul referring to in ch. 4 when he says they are set forth last, and they are fools,
     weak, despised, reviled, persecuted and at times, in hunger?

5.  Complete this verse, "Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of _______."

6.  What sin is named in ch. 5?

7.  Who did Paul state they were to deliver the sinning person to?

8.  Does the scripture imply this man was still saved?

9.  Complete this verse, "...Know ye not that a little leaven _________________ the whole lump."

10.  According to ch. 5 is the recommendation from Paul that a believer NEVER talk to, go near or have a
      sinful lost person as an aquaintance, yes or no?

BONUS#1 Who does Paul tell the believers NOT to company with in ch. 5?
BONUS#2 Who did Paul send, as recorded in chapter 4, to the Corinthian believers?

1 Corinthians 2 &3

1.  Complete the verse, "For I determined not to know anything among you save _________ ___________
     _______ ____________ __________________.

2.  How does the Lord reveal what He has prepared for them that love Him?  _______________________

3.  According to chapter 2, does man have a spirit? ___________________________________________

4.  Finish this part of a verse, "comparing spiritual things with ____________________________________.

5.  According to chapter 2, who has the mind of Christ?  _______________________________________

6.  How did Paul have to address the Corinthian believers, as spiritual or as babes?  ___________________

7.  Complete the verse, "I have planted, ____________  watered, but God gave the increase."

8.  Who is the foundation that is made reference to in chapter 3?  _________________________________

9.  Who is the temple of God?  __________________________________________________________

10.  What doers fire represent here in chapter 3 and in many other places in scripture?  ________________

BONUS#1 Name two things that are listed that will burn in judgment, that are illustrations of things that will
      not get through judgment.  ___________________________________________________________
BONUS#2 What will a person receive if his work abides after the judgment?  _______________________

1 Cor Chapter 1

1.  Who is the writer of Corinthians?

2.  What main problem is Paul addressing in this chapter?

3.  There are four people mentioned that the people at Corinth were bonding to, name two of them.

4.  Name at least one person Paul baptized.

5.  What does Paul state that Christ sent him NOT to do?

6.  What does Paul state Christ DID send him to do?

7.  According to v. 18, what is the preaching of the cross to them that are perishing?

8.  Complete this verse, "But God hath chose the foolish things of the world to confound the __________.

9.  Fill in the blank, "That no __________ should glory in his presence."

10.  There are three types of men listed that Paul says God does not call many of, name one of them.

BONUS#1 Verse 30 states that there are three things that Christ Jesus is made unto us, name two of them.
BONUS#2 According to v. 22 we are told that the Jews require what?

Judges 19,20,21 Quiz

1.  What city was Jebus also known as?  ____________________________________________

2.  The account in chapter 19 is similar to what account in the book of Genesis?  ______________
3.  The wicked here were called,  "sons of __________________."

4.  Of what people was the husband of the woman that was slain in chapter 20?  ______________


5.  What weapon was it that the 700 children of Benjamin were skilled with?  _________________

6.  Which group took counsel of the Lord, the children of Benjamin or the Israelites?  ___________

7.  What was the Lord's response every time they inquired of Him if they should go to battle?  _____

8.  What sign was used between the Israelites and the liers?  ______________________________

9.  What judgment did the tribes cast upon the children of Benjamin?  _______________________


10.  Where was the feast that the children of Benjamin were to get their wives from?  ____________

BONUS#1 What would the women be doing when the Benjamites selected them?  ______________

BONUS#2  Name  four of the Judges in the Book of Judges.  ______________________________