Jeremiah Basic Quiz

1.  How many chapters are in Jeremiah?                                      _____________________________
2.  What was unique about Jeremiah's calling?                             _____________________________
3.  Name One King of whose reign Jeremiah preached.               _____________________________
4.  What type of man is God looking for (Jer 5)?                         _____________________________
5.  What was the main sin of God's people in the book?              ______________________________
6.  According to Jer. 17:9 the heart is                                          ______________________________
7.  Was Jeremiah's preaching received or rejected?                     ______________________________
8.  Name two ways in which Jeremiah was persecuted.               ______________________________
9.  What is the name of the family that would drink no wine.        ______________________________
10. What did the King have done to the writings of Jeremiah?     _______________________________

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