2 Cor 10 & 11 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blank, :...(For the weapons of our warfare are not ________________..."

2.  What does Paul seem to be doing in part of chapter 10 regarding his call from the Lord?
      A.  Revealing doubt as to his calling B. Stating that he is a disciple of Christ C. Validating His authority
      as an Apostle.

3.  What is the believer told to cast down in chapter 10?

4.   What about Paul is called contemptible in chapter 10.

5.  According to chapter 11, who is transformed into an Angel of light?

6.  Who else can be transformed as the ministers of righteousness?

7. What was used to let Paul down in a basket for him to escape?

8.  According to chapter 11 and the Genesis account, who beguiled (tricked) Eve?

9.  What kind of jealousy did Paul have for his converts?

10. Above what number of "stripes" was considered illegal under the law?

BONUS#1 In what city was Paul being pursued by Aretas, which led to his escape down a wall?
BONUS#2 Paul names many perils that he was in, name as many of them as you can. 3 PTs each.

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