Galatians 4 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blank, "...God sent forth his _______________, made of a woman, made under the law."

2.  What term is used here regarding our affection for the Lord that is a term of intimacy or closeness?

3.  In v. 10 Paul states that the Galatians observed four elements of time, 5 points for each one.

4.  Was the book of Galatians written TO A. the Judaizers (those that were trying to get believers to go back
      to the law), or was it written to B. The believers in Galatia because they were getting corrupted by the
      teachings of the Judaizers.

5.  What did Paul state as an illustration, that the would have plucked out and given to Paul, apparently
      due to their loyalty and love for him?

6.  What OT leader is mentioned and used for an illustration in this chapter?

7.  What mount, or mountain is mentioned in this chapter?

8.  Two "women" types are mentioned, one is the freewoman, what is the other?

9.  According to this chapter, he that was born after the flesh persecuted  hi m that was born after what?

10.  Fill in the blank, "To redeem them that were under the _______________, that we might receive the
       adoption of sons."
BONUS#1 What or Who does God send into believers hearts that causes them to cry "Abba, Father?"
BONUS#2 Complete this verse, "...but received me as an ______________ of God."
BONUS#3 What chapter in Acts refers to the Jerusalem Council where the church leaders deal with
the Judaizers?  25 Points!

Galatians 3 Quiz

1. What derogatory word does Paul call the Galatians in V. 1. and v. 3?

2.  Fill in the blank, "...Received ye the Spirit by the ________________ of the law, or by the
     hearing of faith."

3.  Fill in the blanks, "...having begun in the _____________, are ye now made perfect by the
     _____________________."  5 points for each.

4.  What OT person is mentioned in this chapter?

5.  What does v. 10 say a person is who does not continue in all things that are written in the book
      of the law.  A. Blessed B. Condemned C. Cursed

6.  Fill in the blank, "Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the ______________,"

7.  Why was the Law added? A. Transgressions B. Sin C. Iniquity

8.  Is everyone a child of God. yes or no.

9.  How is a person made a child of God?

10.  What is the Law called here, a ______________ to bring us unto Christ.

BONUS#1 What baptism is mentioned in 3:27, that places us into Christ?
BONUS#2 Complete this verse, "Cursed is every one that hangeth on a _________."
BONUS#3 What long time period is mentioned in this chapter?

Galatians 2 Quiz

1.  To whom was Paul the Apostle to?

2.  Name the brethren that Paul lists as accompanying him to Jerusalem in v. 1.

3.  Who is labeled as being Greek in this chapter?

4.  Was circumcision A. For all believers B. For Jews only

5.  Who did Paul rebuke for his behavior that was hypocrital?

6.  Did Paul treat differently the ones that were "important."

7.  Did the gospel in the gospels and the early part of Acts include the preaching
     of the blood and the cross, yes or no.

8.  Fill in the blank, "I am _______________ with Christ..."

9.  What was it that both Paul and the others should remember regarding a certain group of

10.  Fill in the blanks, "I do not frustrate the _______________ of God: for if
       __________________________________ come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain."

BONUS#1 Paul mentions three men that are labeled as "pillars" of the church, meaning primary leaders, name as many as you can, 5 points each.
BONUS#2 Who was it that was named as being carried away with the dissimulation regarding
BONUS#3 Who is labeled in this chapter as being the representative of giving the gospel to
the Jews?

James Chapter 3 Quiz

1.Why should we not be many masters?

2.If a man offends not in word, he is what?

3.How is a ship turned about?

4.What is a little matter and boasteth great things?

5.Finish this verse, "Behold, how great a matter a                                                         "

6.V. 7 mentions types of animals that can be tamed. Can you name all three?

7.What is a fire?

8.Out of the same mouth proceedeth what? This is two things.

9.Fill in the blanks. "For where envying and strife is, there is                           and every                                 .

10.What is sown in peace of them that make peace?

Bonus #1-The wisdom that is from above is many things. How many can you name from the list given in V. 17

Bonus #2-Verses 11&12 give some examples of things that cannot be done. An example is a fountain producing sweet water and bitter water. There are three others. Can you name these?

Galatians 1 Quiz

1.  How many chapters are in the book of Galatians?

2.  Who wrote the book of Galatians?

3.  How would you sum up the book of Galatians?    _________________ and ______________________

4.  Was Paul's goal to please men or Christ?

5.  Who was Paul sent to mainly preach to, the Jews or the Gentiles, according to this chapter and other
      scriptures in the Word of God.  ______________________________________

6.  What does the word "revelation" mean?

7.  Paul uses the term "pervert" here in chapter 1, what does the word mean?

8.  Name two main cults that have an "angel" in their history.

9.  Fill in the blanks, "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other ________________ unto you than that which we have preached unto you,  let him be _____________________________."

10.  According to v. 12, who taught Paul the gospel?

BONUS#1 What scripture in 1 Corinthians clearly tells what the gospel is?
BONUS#2 The chapter tells us that during a three year gap in Paul's life, after turning to Christ, he
    went to two places.  10 points for each correct answer.

James 5 Quiz

1.  What category of men is James writing to in the first six verses of the chapter?

2.  By the inference of these verses, does it sound like the majority of the men who fit into this category are   righteous and Godly or unrighteous and unGodly?

3.  Fill in the blank, "Be ______________ therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord."

4.  Who does James mention that have spoken in the name of the Lord, A. Apostles B. Prophets
      C. Disciples

5.  According to this chapter, what is our "yea" to be?

6.  What is it the believer is to not do and not do by heaven or by earth?

7.  What OT prophet is mentioned in James 5?

8.  According to what is written here, was Elijah A.  a superman with no possibility of sin or weakness, or     B. was he subject to the same passions as all of us.

9.  In the account here of Elijah's life, how long did it not rain?

10.   Complete this verse, "The effectual _________________ prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

BONUS#1 According to v. 13, what is a believer who is merry, to do?
BONUS#2 According to this chapter, who is to be called if one in the assembly is sick?
BONUS#3 What word or form of a word is used 4 times in this chapter?

James 4

1.  Where do the wars and fighting among you come from?

2.  Who is the enemy of God according to verse 4?

3.  Fill in the blanks, "Submit yourselves therefore to _________, resist the _____________ and he
     will flee from you.

4.  Who are you commanded to not speak evil of? 

5.  Fill in the blanks, There is one ___________ who is able to ______________ and to __________.

6.  In verse 13, there are four possible things stated by the person speaking, name as many as you can.    " Go to now, ye that say, To day or tomorrow we will go into such a city and _____________________________."

7.  What is your life, according to verse  14?

8.  According to verse 16, what rejoicing is evil?

9.  "Therefore to him that ________________ ________________ ___________ ____________..."

10.  :...and doeth it not to him  ________________ __________________ _______________."

BONUS#1 What are the sinners and doubleminded persons to do?
BONUS#2 Complete this verse, "But he giveth more grace.  Wherefore he saith, ____________________________________________________________________________."

James 2 Quiz

1. How Do We Know James Was Written To Believers?
2. What Does James Call The Royal Law? (paraphrase or general idea is okay)
3. How Much Of The Law Must One Break Before He Is Guilty Of All?
4. What Rejoices Against Judgment?
5. Fill In The Blank-If A Man Say He Hath Faith, And Have Not _______ Can Faith Save Him?
6. Faith Without Works Is What?
7. Who Believes and Trembles?
8. Name the 3 Old Testament People Mentioned in James 2.
9. By What Was Abraham's Faith made Perfect?
10. Abraham Was Called The What of God?

1. Fill In The Blank-As The Body Without The ______ Is Dead...
2. By What Is A Man Justified?

James 1 Quiz

1.  Who wrote the book of James?

2.  Who is the book of James written to?  What group of people?

3.  Complete this verse, "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers _______________."

4.  What is the believer told to do if he lacks wisdom?

5.  What type of man is unstable in all his ways?

6.  What crown is promised to the believer that endures temptation?

7 & 8.  Fill in the blanks, "Be ye ___________ of the word, and not ____________ only, deceiving
      your own selves."

9.  According to this chapter, what is able to save the souls of those James is speaking to?

10. Is the book of James written to believers or unbelievers?

BONUS#1 What is the believer to keep himself unspotted from?
BONUS#2 What is the believer recommended to "bridle" in chapter 1?
BONUS#3 What is the believer to do regarding the fatherless and the widow?

Book of James Overview

1.  Who wrote the book of James?

2.  To which group of people was the book of James written?

3.  How many chapters are in the book of James?

4.  What book comes before James?

5.  What book comes after the book of James?

6.  What particular cult likes to pervert what James states about works for salvation?

7.  Complete this part of v. 5 of chapter 1, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of ____________..."

8.  Chapter three deals much with a certain body part, is it the heart, the tongue or the hand.

9.  According to chapter 2:19, who also believes in one God.  The verse reads, "...the ___________
     also believe and tremble."

10.  What OT figure is mentioned in the book of James?

BONUS#1 Complete this verse, "The just shall live by ______________."
BONUS#2 Who is listed in chapter 3 as being justified because she received messengers, regarding
                an incident in the OT?

2 Cor 12 & 13 Quiz

1.  Was Paul the one caught up into the third heaven?

2.  Who is a possibility of the one caught up into the third heaven?

3.  What is considered the first heaven?

4.  Who does Paul believe gave him his "thorn in the flesh?"

5.  Fill in the blank, " ____________ is sufficient for thee..."

6.  There are three things mentioned by Paul as being signs of an Apostle, name as many as you can.
      10 pts. each

7.  In the mouth of how many witnesses is every word established, one two, three or four?

8.  What cult claims that their book is one of these witnesses?

9.  According to 13:5, what does Paul tell the brethren to do to see if they are in the faith?

10.  How does Paul tell the believers to greet one another?
BONUS#1 What co-worker of Paul's is mentioned in chapter 12?
BONUS#2 Paul names 5 things that he takes pleasures in, the first is infirmities.  Name as many
of the others as you can. 5 pts. each.

2 Cor 10 & 11 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blank, :...(For the weapons of our warfare are not ________________..."

2.  What does Paul seem to be doing in part of chapter 10 regarding his call from the Lord?
      A.  Revealing doubt as to his calling B. Stating that he is a disciple of Christ C. Validating His authority
      as an Apostle.

3.  What is the believer told to cast down in chapter 10?

4.   What about Paul is called contemptible in chapter 10.

5.  According to chapter 11, who is transformed into an Angel of light?

6.  Who else can be transformed as the ministers of righteousness?

7. What was used to let Paul down in a basket for him to escape?

8.  According to chapter 11 and the Genesis account, who beguiled (tricked) Eve?

9.  What kind of jealousy did Paul have for his converts?

10. Above what number of "stripes" was considered illegal under the law?

BONUS#1 In what city was Paul being pursued by Aretas, which led to his escape down a wall?
BONUS#2 Paul names many perils that he was in, name as many of them as you can. 3 PTs each.

2 Cor 8&9 Quiz

1.  What is the primary content of these two chapters?

2.  The ministry mentioned in these chapters is called the "fellowship of the ministering to the ___________."

3.  Is the context of giving in these chapters to A. The Church B. The Church leaders C. Believers in Need
     D.  Mission Support E. Faith Promise Giving

4.  Fill in the blank, " prove the sincerity of your ________________."

5.  Fill in the blank, "For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye _______________________."

6.  Who in chapter 8 does Paul refer to as his fellowhelper and his partner?

7.  How will a person reap, if they sow bountifully?

8.  How is the giving stated to be done in 9:7, A. a certain percentage commanded to be given or B. as a person himself decides how much to give?

9.  According to chapter 9, what type of a giver does God love?

10.  What passage in the NT scriptures also deals with collections for the saints?

BONUS#1 According to the NT when is the believer to lay aside his gift for believers in need?
BONUS#2 Where is tithing COMMANDED (not just mentioned) for the NT believer?
BONUS#3 Does the Lord desire our giving to be liberal or conservative according to chapter 9?

2 Cor 6 & 7 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blank, "...behold, ___________ is the day of salvation."

2.  What does the word "minister" mean, in your own word or words.

3.  Fill in the blank, "O ye Corinthians, our mouth is open unto you, our ___________ is enlarged."

4.  According to chapter 6, who is the temple of the living God?

5.  In 6:14 that speaks of not being unequally yoked together with unbelievers, what words are used to
     contrast righteousness and light?  Each correct answer gives 10 points.

6.  Fill in the blank, "...touch not the ___________ thing: and I will receive you."

7.  According to 7:1, what is the believer to perfect as he goes along in his Christian life?

8.  What brother is mentioned in chapter 7 that assisted Paul in the ministry?

9.  What very important word is used by Paul 5 times in three verses that means " a change of mind."

10.  Complete this portion of 7:10, "...but the sorrow of the world worketh _______________."

BONUS#1 There is a list in chapter 6 that Paul gives after referencing the apostles approval as ministers
of God, name as many of these as you can, 5 points for each.
BONUS#2 What word is used in chapter 6 for an unbeliever.  This particular word is used other places in the scripture as well.

2 Cor. 5 Quiz

1.  What is being referred to in this chapter when the phrase is used, "tabernacle?"

2.  In 5:5 the phrase is used, "the earnest of the Spirit."  Give one other reference to the Holy Spirit in Paul's
     writings.  A 5 point bonus if you can give the scripture reference about the being sealed unto the day of

3.  Complete this part of v. 7, "...willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be ____________ with
      the Lord."

4.  In v. 10 Paul states that all will appear before what seat?

5.  Is the above scripture regarding all people, saved and lost or believers?

6.  Complete this part of v. 11, "knowing therefore the _______________ of the Lord, we persuade men.

7.  According to v. 14, what "constraineth" Paul and the others, A. Charity B. Love or C. Sorrow?

8.  According to V. 15, who is the believer to live for?

9.  What verse speaks of the believer being a new creature?

10.  Complete this section of v. 20, "Now then we are _________________ of Christ..."

BONUS#1 What word used at the end of the chapter means "to bring together that which was not together
BONUS#2 What term is used for the NT believers ministry regarding evangelism?

2 Cor 3 and 4 Quiz

1.  What word is used in chapter 3 that means "covenant" or "agreement?"

2.  What is another word for the word "minister?"

3.  What OT prophet is referenced in chapter 3?

4.  Complete this phrase from 3:12, "Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great ___________________   of  ____________________________."

5.  What is termed in chapter 3 as something Moses put over his face, something that was done away           in Christ and something that will be taken away when the Jews turn to the Lord in the future?

6.  Complete this section of  3:17, "...and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is ___________________."

7.  According to chapter 4, who has blinded the minds of those that do not believe?

8.  Did Paul and the others preach themselves or Christ according to chapter 4?

9.  According to chapter 4, what is renewed day by day?

10.  According to Paul in this chapter, should the believer live for the temporal or the eternal?

BONUS#1 Paul mentions 4 things in chapter 4 regarding the tribulations that he and other brethren have went through, name them.  5 points for each correct answer.
BONUS#2 Who does Paul state the gospel is hid from?

2 Cor. 1 & 2 Quiz

1.  How many chapters are in 2 Corinthians?

2.  Who is the writer of 2 Corinthians?

3.  In your own words, explain why God may allow us to be comforted during times of tribulation and difficulty?

4.  Does the word "salvation" in the scriptures ALWAYS refer to eternal salvation (being saved), yes or no?

5.  Name one "place" that is mentioned in 1 Corinthians, as in city etc.

6.  Name one person that is mentioned in chapter one that helped Paul in preaching Christ to the people of Corinth.

7.  Fill in the blank, "Lest _______________ should get an advantage of us :for we are not ignorant of his devices."

8.  What verse in Galatians would be similar to what Paul is speaking about in the first part of chapter 2?

9.  Complete this part of verse 17 (chapter 2), "For we are not as many, which _______________, the word of God:..."

10.  Who is it that Paul mentions in chapter 2 that he missed seeing?

BONUS #1 About what year was 2 Corinthians written?
BONUS#2 Paul uses a word 4 times in chapter 1 that is in contrast to the suffering he mentions, what is the word?

1 Corinthians 16

1.  According to 16:2 what is the implied day the believers met?

2.  What was this collection for?

3.  Fill in the blanks, "...give as God hath ________________ _____________________.

4.  Where was this collection going, to the people of ______________________________.

5.  Who is mentioned in this passage that is apparently an Apostolic delegate under Paul's Authority?

6,7,8.  Fill in the blanks, "Watch ye, stand fast in the ____________, quit you like ______________, be

9.  Who does Paul mention that he desired to come to the Corinthians, but it was not his will to do so at this time?

10.  What couple is mentioned in this chapter that were tentmakers as Paul was?

BONUS#1 What is the reference in Acts that also mentions the believers meeting on the first day of the week?
BONUS#2 Name at least one chapter in 2 Corinthians that also deals with giving to believers in need.
BONUS#3 What is meant by the phrase, "ministry to the saints?"

1 Corinthians 15 Quiz

1.  What are the first 5 verses of this chapter about?  _______________________________________

2.  After what day was the Lord Jesus Christ raised, 2,3 or 4_________________________________

3.  How many brethren are listed here as seeing the resurrected Christ, other than Cephas and the twelve?  _______________________________________________________________________________

4.  Name at least one topic that is covered in this chapter.  ___________________________________

5.  Complete this verse, "But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then Christ is not  _____________."

6.  According to v. 26, what is the last enemy that shall be destroyed?  __________________________

7.  Does "baptism for the dead" mean that a dead person can be saved by having a live person be water baptized in his place, yes or no?  _______________________________________________________

8.  Complete, "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt ____________ ______________________"

9.  What is the main topic of the last few verses in the chapter?  _________________________________

10.  What is the encouragement given to believers in the very last verse, in your own words.  __________________________________________________________________________________

BONUS#1 the chapter speaks of "celestial" bodies, what is the other name given here?  ___________________________________________________________________________________

BONUS#2  The chapter mentions one who is called, the "first man,"  who is that?  ___________________________________________________________________________________

1 Cor 14 Quiz

1.  Name one of the main topics of the chapter? __________________________________________

2.  What is a word that describes the word "prophesy" in this chapter? _________________________

3.  When the gift of tongues was in effect, there were some stipulations for how they were to be exercised     in the local church.  10 Pts for each correct answer.  Answer in v. 27,28  _________________________________________________________________________________

4.  Paul stated in v. 19 that he would rather speak HOW MANY WORDS with understanding, than ten
     thousand words in an unknown tongue?  ________________________________________________

5.  Complete this verse, "Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them ______________________  ____________________________________  ____________________".

6 and 7.  Name two of the musical instruments that Paul uses in this chapter for illustration purposes.

8.  According to this chapter a woman is to be A. quiet  B.  silent or 3.  not noisy in the assembly?

9.  When are the women to ask their husband a question, apparently regarding the meeting time?  __________________________________________________________________________________

10.  Complete this verse, "If any man be ignorant, let him be ________________________________."

BONUS#1  Complete this verse, "Let all things be done ________________  ______________  _____

BONUS#2  According to v. 37 what type of person will acknowledge that the commands about the woman's silence are commandments of the Lord.  ___________________________________________

1 Corinthians 12 and 13 Quiz

1.  There are two main topics in chapter 12, name one of them.  ________________________________

2.  Complete this verse, "There are diversities of gifts, but the same ______________________________

3.  Name two gifts mentioned in chapter 12 ________________________________________________

4.  According to 12:13 believers are baptized into one body by the _______________________________

5.  When explaining the members of the Body of Christ, what other type of body does Paul use to illustrate? __________________________________________________________________________________

6.  Complete this verse, "But covet earnestly the best _________________________________..."

7.  Is Charity the exact same as the word, love, yes or no?  ___________________________________

8.  Does charity put ourself first or others?  ________________________________________________

9.  There are three things (gifts) mentioned towards the end of chapter 13 that will fail, cease and vanish away.  Name as many of them as you can. 

10.  Complete this verse, "And there abideth faith, hope and charity; but the ________________________________________________________________________________

BONUS#1 In the scriptures regarding charity, does Paul give an illustration concerning being martyred, yes or no?  __________________________________________________________________________

BONUS#2  According to proper biblical understanding when will the gifts in chapter 13 cease, when Jesus Christ returns or when the Bible is completed?  ____________________________________________

BONUS#3  Name two body parts that are referenced by Paul in chapter 12 to illustrate the members of the body of Christ.  _____________________________________________________________________

1 Cor 11 Quiz

1. Complete this verse, "be ye followers of me, ________ ___________ ________________ ______________ _______________ __________________ ____________________

2.  Paul mentions the ordinances in v. 2, what are the two ordinances?

3.  The head of every man is _______________.

4.  The head of every woman is the ___________________.

5.  The head of Christ is _____________________.

6.  Complete this verse, "Neither was the man created for the woman, but the woman for the _____________.

7.  Complete this verse, "Doth not even ______________ itself teach you, that if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him."

8.  According to v. 15, what is given to the woman for a covering?

9.  What is the ordinance taught on in this chapter?

10.  Who taught Paul about the Lord's Supper according to v. 23?

BONUS#1  Who is the head of the church, the pastor, the elders or Christ?

BONUS#2  How long are believers to celebrate the Lord's Supper?

BONUS#3  What is the term to explain the Catholic error that the juice and the bread turn into the blood and the body of Christ?

1 Cor 10 Quiz

1 Cor 10 Quiz

1.  What OT prophet is mentioned in this chapter?

2.  Name one OT incident that is mentioned in chapter 10?

3.  The word "example" is used in this chapter, what similar word is also used, that has a similar meaning?

4.  Complete this verse, "let him that thinketh he ___________, take heed lest he fall."

5.  Will the Lord allow His people to be tempted above what they are able to resist, yes or no?

6.  Complete this verse, "Wherefore my dearly beloved. flee from _____________."

7.  Complete this verse, "Let no man seek his own, but every man another's ___________"

8.  What is meant by another's wealth?  Explain briefly in a few words.

9.  Complete this verse, "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not ____________."

10.  One word is used three times in three verses concerning liberty, idolatry etc.  Complete the word
     Con_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

BONUS#1 What is the book and chapter in the NT that references the serpent account?

BONUS#2  What is being referenced in V. 16?  You may look at the scripture for this answer.

1 Cor 9 Quiz

1. What was Paul's title as we see in chapter 9 and other scriptures?

2.  What form of work did Paul do to provide form some of his needs?

3.  Complete this verse, "If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your __________________ things."

4.  By this passage did Paul as an evangelist, have the right to be supported by the brethren?

5.  Complete this verse, "...yea, _______ is unto me, If I preach not the gospel."

6.  Paul considered himself a ______________ to all men.

7.  What "sport" did Paul use as an illustration in this chapter?

8.  In this illustration, Paul states that we are after an incorruptible ____________________.

9.  According to this passage, who brought Paul's body under subjection, God or Paul?

10.  Complete this verse, "...lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a

BONUS#1  How many books did Paul write if Hebrews is not included?

BONUS#2  What OT person does Paul quote when he is dealing with the Lord's provision?

1 Corinthians 7&8 Quiz

1.  Does the evidence point to Paul being married or unmarried from these chapters?

2.  According to the definition of the word "touch" is it appropriate for unmarried people to hug, hold hands
     or kiss, members of the opposite sex, before marriage, yes or no.

3.  Circle the best word or phrase that best describes how the Lord feels about divorce, or one "putting away"
      their  spouse.  "Does not care for" "advises against" "hates" "dislikes"

4.  Should a believing spouse kick out a spouse that is an unbeliever, yes or no?

5.  Complete this verse, "yes are bought with a ___________."

6.  According to chapter 7, is it wrong, or is it natural for a married person to care for and please his or her

7.  Do the scriptures give any allowance for a NT believer marrying an unbeliever, yes or no.

8.  What chapter in the NT is very similar to chapter 8?

9.  What word is also part of the definition of the word "god?"

10.  What should a believer do if their "liberty" is causing a brother to stumble in their Christian walk?

BONUS#1 and 2 Complete this verse,  "knowledge ___________ up, but ____________ edifieth."

1 Corinthians 6 Quiz

1.  What is the central teaching of the first part of the chapter?

2.  According to this chapter, Christians will one day judge the world and who else?

3.  Complete this verse, "But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before _____________."

4.  Name three of the types of sinners that are listed in v. 9.

5.  According to this passage, what will the people who live in this sins, NOT inherit?

6.  There are three things listed after the statement, "and such were some of you."  Name two of them.

7.  According to the passage, the believers body is the temple of the ____________ ______________.

8.  Complete this phrase from v. 20, "For ye are bought with a ______________."

9.  According to v. 20, the believer is to glorify God with his body and his _______________.

10.  Would the Lord rather we push for our rights in the matter of disagreements between believers or take
     the fault?

BONUS#1 Who are to be set to judge the differences?  "Set them who are least _______________
    in the church."

BONUS#2 All things are lawful according to this chapter, Paul states, but not all things are what?

1 Corinthians 4 & 5

1.  What does the word "minister" mean?

2.  What does the word "steward" mean?

3.  To answer the question in ch. 4, who makes one ( a person) to differ from another?

4.  What group of people was Paul referring to in ch. 4 when he says they are set forth last, and they are fools,
     weak, despised, reviled, persecuted and at times, in hunger?

5.  Complete this verse, "Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of _______."

6.  What sin is named in ch. 5?

7.  Who did Paul state they were to deliver the sinning person to?

8.  Does the scripture imply this man was still saved?

9.  Complete this verse, "...Know ye not that a little leaven _________________ the whole lump."

10.  According to ch. 5 is the recommendation from Paul that a believer NEVER talk to, go near or have a
      sinful lost person as an aquaintance, yes or no?

BONUS#1 Who does Paul tell the believers NOT to company with in ch. 5?
BONUS#2 Who did Paul send, as recorded in chapter 4, to the Corinthian believers?

1 Corinthians 2 &3

1.  Complete the verse, "For I determined not to know anything among you save _________ ___________
     _______ ____________ __________________.

2.  How does the Lord reveal what He has prepared for them that love Him?  _______________________

3.  According to chapter 2, does man have a spirit? ___________________________________________

4.  Finish this part of a verse, "comparing spiritual things with ____________________________________.

5.  According to chapter 2, who has the mind of Christ?  _______________________________________

6.  How did Paul have to address the Corinthian believers, as spiritual or as babes?  ___________________

7.  Complete the verse, "I have planted, ____________  watered, but God gave the increase."

8.  Who is the foundation that is made reference to in chapter 3?  _________________________________

9.  Who is the temple of God?  __________________________________________________________

10.  What doers fire represent here in chapter 3 and in many other places in scripture?  ________________

BONUS#1 Name two things that are listed that will burn in judgment, that are illustrations of things that will
      not get through judgment.  ___________________________________________________________
BONUS#2 What will a person receive if his work abides after the judgment?  _______________________

1 Cor Chapter 1

1.  Who is the writer of Corinthians?

2.  What main problem is Paul addressing in this chapter?

3.  There are four people mentioned that the people at Corinth were bonding to, name two of them.

4.  Name at least one person Paul baptized.

5.  What does Paul state that Christ sent him NOT to do?

6.  What does Paul state Christ DID send him to do?

7.  According to v. 18, what is the preaching of the cross to them that are perishing?

8.  Complete this verse, "But God hath chose the foolish things of the world to confound the __________.

9.  Fill in the blank, "That no __________ should glory in his presence."

10.  There are three types of men listed that Paul says God does not call many of, name one of them.

BONUS#1 Verse 30 states that there are three things that Christ Jesus is made unto us, name two of them.
BONUS#2 According to v. 22 we are told that the Jews require what?

Judges 19,20,21 Quiz

1.  What city was Jebus also known as?  ____________________________________________

2.  The account in chapter 19 is similar to what account in the book of Genesis?  ______________
3.  The wicked here were called,  "sons of __________________."

4.  Of what people was the husband of the woman that was slain in chapter 20?  ______________


5.  What weapon was it that the 700 children of Benjamin were skilled with?  _________________

6.  Which group took counsel of the Lord, the children of Benjamin or the Israelites?  ___________

7.  What was the Lord's response every time they inquired of Him if they should go to battle?  _____

8.  What sign was used between the Israelites and the liers?  ______________________________

9.  What judgment did the tribes cast upon the children of Benjamin?  _______________________


10.  Where was the feast that the children of Benjamin were to get their wives from?  ____________

BONUS#1 What would the women be doing when the Benjamites selected them?  ______________

BONUS#2  Name  four of the Judges in the Book of Judges.  ______________________________

Judges 17 & 18

1.  Who took 1000 shekels of silver from his mother in Chapter 17?  _________________________
2.  What did his mother do with the money when it was returned to her?  ______________________
3.  Who did this man consecrate as his priest in Ch. 17? ___________________________________
4.  Complete this verse, "In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did _____________
     ___________  _____  ___________  ______ ________  ____________  ________________"
5.  Name one of the things Micah promised the Levite Priest to stay with him?  __________________
6.  What tribe were the men of that spyed out the land and that came upon Micah's priest?  _________
7.  There are 4 types of idols or consecrated things listed in ch. 18, name 2 of them.  ______________
8.  Why was Micah upset with the five men?  ___________________________________________
9.  Did the levite priest stay with micah or go with the 5 men?  _______________________________
10.  What did the men call the city they took over?  _______________________________________
BONUS #1 There are three qualities mentioned concerning the people of the city the 5 men overthrow,
        name one of them.  ___________________________________________________________
BONUS#2 THIS QUESTION IS WITH AN OPEN BIBLE!  Search these 2 chapters and see if you can
       locate the probable name of the city that is mentioned in18:27,28.  The answer is NOT in v.27 or 28.

Judges Chapters 15&16

1.  What did Samson's father do with Samson's wife?  __________________________________________
2.  How many foxes did Samson catch and use against the Philistines?  ______________________________
3.  How did the Philistines respond?  _______________________________________________________
4.  Where were the men from that bound Samson the first time?  Timnath, Etam or Judah? ________________
5.  How many men did Samson slay with the jawbone of an ass?  __________________________________
6.  Where was the water that the Lord provided for Samson?  _____________________________________
7.  Does the Bible state that Delilah was a harlot?  Yes or No?  ____________________________________
8.  Name at least one item that Samson took from the gate as he walked off?  _________________________
9.  How many times did Samson tell Delilah a false way of his strength being diminished?  ______________
10.  What is the false god mentioned in chapter 16 that the Philistines worshipped?  ___________________
Bonus#1   Where was the prison house that they brought Samson to?  _____________________________
Bonus#2  Did Samson slay more of the Philistines during his life or at his death?  ______________________

Judges 13 and 14

1.  What is Samson's father's name?
2.  What physical problem did Manoah's wife have?
3.  Was Samson a Nazarite or a Nazarene?
4.  What drinks was Samson's mother not to have?
5.  Who made the Nazarite Vow?
6.  What food was Samson's mother not allowed to partake of?
7.  What land did Samson's wife come from?
8.  Did Samson violate God's will by marrying a woman that was daughter to the Philistines?
9.  What animal did Samson kill in chapter 14?
10.  What was in the carcass of the lion when Samson returned?
Bonus Question#1 What gave Samson the ability to kill the lion according to the passage?
Bonus Question#2 What did Samson promise if his companions could answer the riddle within 7 days and how many did he promise?

Judges 11 and 12

1.  Who is the judge in chapter 11?
2.  Complete this verse, "...he was the son of an _______."
3.  What type of men were gathered unto this man? Men of valor, good men, vain men, strong men?
4.  Did the Spirit of the Lord come upon Jepthah or Sihon in this chapter?
5.  Did Jepthah keep his vow to the Lord?
6.  What word is used as a test in chapter 12?
7.  How many years did Jepthah judge Israel? 4, 6, or 14?
8.  Name all the judges you can name from chapter 12 other than Jepthah? 10 pts. for each.
9.  Name one of the peoples in chapter 12 other than Israel.
10.  What did the men threaten to do to Jepthah because he did not call them to fight against the children of   

Bonus#1  What false god is mentioned in chapter 11?
Bonus#2  How long did Jepthah's daughter bewail her virginity?

Judges 9 and 10 Quiz

1.  What is Jerubbaal's other name? _______________________________
2.  Who slew the sons of Jerubbaal? ______________________________
3.  What position of importance was Abimelech? _____________________
4.  Was Abimelech good or evil? _________________________________
5.  What was unique about the person that killed Abilelech?
6.  Who judged Israel after Abimelech died? ________________________
7.  Who is the other judge in Judges 10?
8.  Name one of the false gods the Israelites worshipped in Judges 10? _______________________
9.  Did the Israelites repent in Judges 10, yes or no? _____________________________________
10.  Was God angry with His people in Judges 10?
BONUS#1  What tool did Abimelech use to cut down the bough from the trees? ________________
BONUS#2  What did Abimelech sow the city with after he defeated it in Judges 9? ______________

Romans 4 Quiz

#1.  What was counted unto Abraham?
#2. Write out Romans 4:5 ( a great verse for salvation by grace)
#3. What O.T. King is quoted in Romans 4.
#4. Who is blessed?
#5. What is there when there is no law?
#6.What O.T leader is mentioned in Romans 4?
#7.Who quickeneth the dead?
#8.Who was made a father of many nations?
#9.Who raised up Jesus our Lord
#10. Christ was raised again for our what?

Book Of Acts Overview

1.  Who wrote the book of Acts?
2.  What is the book of Acts mainly about?
3.  How many chapters are in the book of  Acts?
4.  Who is the predominate Apostle in the first part of Acts?
5.  Who is the predominate Apostle in the rest of the book of Acts?
6.  In what chapter is Stephen mentioned?
7.  What does the Bible say Stephen was full of?
8.  On which road was Saul when he was blinded?
9.  Name two of Paul's companions?
10.  Name three places Paul went during his missionary journeys?
11.  What Gentile leader did Peter deal with in Acts chapter 10?
12.  What was Lydia a seller of?
13.  What was Aquila and Priscilla's occupation?
14.  Who did Aquila and Priscilla teach the way of God to?
15.  Who fell from the loft window while Paul was preaching?
16.  What verse in chapter 20 mentions door knocking and public evangelism?
17. Paul is called an Apostle to the ______________
18.  What king told Paul "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian."
19.  What dangerous creature did Paul encounter in Acts 18?
20.  How many years did Paul live in his own house at the end of chapter 28?

Judges 7 & 8 Quiz

1.  What Judge is in chapters 7 and 8?

2.  How many men did Gideon take with him into battle?

3.  What method was used to decrease the number of men that were to go into battle?
4.  What musical instrument did the man take as they went into "battle?"

5.  Name one of the other items the men brought with them.  Extra 10 points if both are named.

6.   Fill in the blank from 7:20, "...the _ _ _ _ _ of the Lord, and of Gideon."

7.  Name one of the princes of the Midianites they took.  Extra 10 points for both.

8.  Who was Gideon's father, Gideon, son of _ _ _ _ _

9.  How did Gideon "teach"  the men of Succoth?

10.  What jewelry did the Ishmaelites wear?

Bonus: Name one of the two kings that Gideon pursued, took and later, slew? 5 pts
Bonus: What is Gideon's other name?   5 pts.

Judges 5 and 6 Quiz

1.  Who was the female Judge of this section of Judges?
2.  Name one of the other judges that is mentioned in these chapters.
3.  Complete this verse, "They chose new _ _ _ _...."
4.  True/false Was Jael praised by Deborah for her killing of Sisera?
5.  What people were against Israel in ch. 6?
6.  Who did the Lord use in this section of Judges to deliver Israel?
7.  Who appeared with this man to deliver the message from the Lord?
8.  The one that appeared to the judge in ch. 6 called him a might man of _ _ _ _ _.
9.  What false god did the judge's father worship?
10.  What instrument did this judge use?
BONUS#1 What material did this judge use to get a sign from the Lord?
BONUS#2 What did this judge do when he recognized who the messenger was that appeared to him?

Judges 4

1.  Complete this passage from 4:1 "And the children of Israel again did _ _ _ _ in the sight of the Lord,..."
2.  Who was the "prophetess" of this chapter?
3.  What man worked with Deborah and slew the men of Sisera?
4.   Who killed Sisera?
5.  What was used to kill him?
6.  What part of the body was the item driven into on Sisera?
7.  What mode of transportation is mentioned many times in this chapter that is also a vehicle of war?
8.  When Sisera asked for a drink of water, what was he given to drink?
9.  What type of dwelling was Sisera in when he was killed?
10. What was the spouses name of the person who killed Sisera?
BONUS What country was Jabin king of?