Colossians 4 Quiz

1.  What controversial subject does it sound verse one is referring to?

2.  What term is used here that is used in many of Paul's Epistles, the ________ of Christ?

3.  According to verse 6, what type of speech is the believer to have? A Speech with grace
     B. Speech with dignity C. Speech with clarity

4.  Did Jesus ALWAYS speak with grace, yes or no?

5.  Give one reference or example where Jesus did not speak or act with grace?

6.  According to some wording in this passage, does it sound like Paul was a prisoner at this
     time, yes or no?

7.  There is a brother mentioned whose name was Jesus, but he was called by another name, what is

8.  What term is used in verse 15 that means a called out assembly?

9.  There is an epistle mentioned in verse 16 that Paul states was to be read to the brethren of
      Colosee, where was this Epistle from?

10.  Who is mentioned as having a great zeal for the believers at Colossee as well as those of

BONUS#1 Who is mentioned as being a fellowprisoner with Paul?
BONUS#2 What one brother is mentioned as specifically being a beloved brother AND a faithful
                   minister and fellowservant of the Lord?
BONUS#3 Who is mentioned in this chapter that is a physician who also wrote a gospel?
BONUS#4 Who is mentioned that later forsakes Paul, becoming a lover of the world?

Colossians 3 Quiz

1.  What are believers to seek according to verse one, those things which are ___________.

2.  Does this mean believers should A. Never think of things other than spiritual things or
     B. keep their focus on the spiritual, rather than the material.
3.  Fill in the blank, "Set your __________ on things above, not on things on the earth."

4.  Does the word affection have to do with A. Emotion B. Care or C. Understanding?

5.  According to this important truth, what should the believer have his love for more, the
     things of the world or the things of the earth?

6.  What word best describes the word "mortify?" A. Put away B. Put down C. Put to death

7.  Whose responsibility is it to "mortify" oneself?  A. God's B. You C. The preacher

8.  According to verse 5, what is covetousness likened to or called?

9.  What word could describe the word "man" the way it is used in this chapter. A. Nature B. Dude
      C. Lifestyle

10.  Fill in the blank, "And above all these things put on _________, which is the bond of

BONUS#1 There are three types of music listed in verse 16, name as many as you can, 5 pts each.
BONUS#2 What is the responsibility of the wife to her husband as listed here?
BONUS#3 What is the responsibility of the husband to the wife as listed here?
BONUS#4 What is the responsibility of the father to the children as listed here?
BONUS#4 What is the responsibility of the children to the parents as listed here?
BONUS#5 According to the last verse of the chapter, will a person who "does wrong" be punished?

Colossians 2 Quiz

1.  There are two things stated in verse three that mentions two things that In God the Father and
      Christ are hid all the treasures of.  5 points for each.

2.  In the first verse, Paul mentions believers from another city, name it.

3.  What type of words did Paul state men would use try to beguile them?

4.  According to verse 5, what did Paul "behold" about the faith of the believers at Colossee?

5.  Complete this verse, "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so ______
     ye in him:"

6.  According to verse 8, how are the believers to abound? A. With peace B. With Thanksgiving
     C. With Prayer

7.  There are four things mentioned that could "spoil" them, name as many as you can, 5 points each.

8.  Fill in the blank, "And ye are __________in him, which is the head of all principality and

9.  What OT practice is mentioned in this chapter?

10.  What is mentioned in verse twelve that mentions the believer being buried with Christ?

BONUS#1  What phrase that is used in this chapter means to be made alive?
BONUS#2  According to verse 13, how many trespasses are forgiven by God when one is converted?
BONUS#3  According to verse 14, what was blotted out, that was contrary to us, and was nailed to
BONUS#4  According to this chapter, what were the holydays and Sabbath days a shadow of?

Colossians 1 Quiz

1.  Who wrote the epistle to the Colossians?

2.  Who is mentioned in verse one as also greeting the brethren of Colosse?

3.  What verse in this chapter is typically corrupted in the modern translations?

4.  What three-word phrase is left out of this verse in nearly all modern translations?

5.  Fill in the blank, "That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all ___________, ..."

6.  According to this chapter and other scripture references in the Epistles, who is the head of
     the "church?"

7.  Is the local church being referred to here in this passage or the Body of Christ, not local?

8.  According to verse 17, who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature?

9.  According to verse 17, by Christ, all things A. Continue B. Take Place or C. Consist

10.  What word is used twice towards the end of the chapter. that is used in other Epistles, that refers
        to the dispensation of the grace of God,  "Even the ___________which hath been hid from ages
        and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints."

BONUS#1 What passage also refers to the "reconciliation?"
BONUS#2 There are three words used by Paul in this chapter describing the desire for how God's
                   people should be presented to Christ or In Christ, name as many as you can, 5 pts. each.
BONUS#3 According to verse 16, all things were created by Christ and ________ him.  Fill in.
BONUS#4 Fill in the blank which consists of 4 words, "And, having made peace through the ____
                   __________ ______________ ____________, by him to reconcile all things unto
BONUS#5 Fill in the blanks, "That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being _____
                   in every good work, and increasing in the ______________ of God."
BONUS#6  According to this chapter ( and the NT) who or what makes us "meet" to be partakers
                    of the inheritance of the saints? A. God the Father B. Christ B. Water Baptism

SURVEY: How Much Time Do You Spend in Your Bible?

Just curious.  To all those that follow this blog, how much time do you spend on average in the Word of God, weekly, on average.  Please comment.

Philippians 4 Quiz

1.  According to this chapter, were there women that labored with Paul in the gospel?

2.  Name any women that are mentioned in this chapter, 5 points each.

3.  Fill in the blank that completes the verse, "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say,

4.  According to verse 5, what is to be made known unto all men. A. Simplicity B. Faith
     C. Moderation

5.  Fill in the blanks, 5 points each.  "Be ___________ for nothing; but in everything by prayer and
     _______________ with ________________ let your requests be made  known unto God."

6.  When Paul writes about being abased and abound, to what is he referring?

7.  When Paul left Macedonia, how many churches does he list along with the Phillippian believers,
      that supported his ministry?

8.  What word is more closely associated with the word "think?"  A. Meditate B. Dream C. Presume

9.  Name as many things as you can that are listed that believers are to "think" on, 5 points each.

10.  What three word phrase is used in this chapter that passes all understanding and that will keep
        the hearts and minds of God's people, apparently as they are praying regarding certain issues?

BONUS#1 Paul lists 4 things that believers are to follow concerning Paul, the first is what they have
learned from him.  Name as many of the other three as you can, 5 points each.
BONUS#2 Who is named as delivering the support gift to Paul from the Philippian believers?
BONUS#3 Paul states here that he did not desire a gift (financial support) but what, that would abound to their account?

Philippians 3 Quiz

1.  Paul lists three categories of people that the believers were to beware of, name as many as you can,
     5 points each.

2.  What was Paul's religious heritage as mentioned here?

3.  What word meaning "waste' does Paul use in this chapter illustrating what he considered those things that 
      were contrary to having Christ?

4&5. Fill in the blanks, 'And being found in him, not having mine own ____________________, 
     which is of the _________, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God
      by faith;"

6.  Paul lists three things that, one is the fellowship of his sufferings.  Name the other two, 5 points each.

7.  Fill in the blank, "I press toward the _______________ for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ

8.  According to what Paul writes in this chapter, what have those become who did not continue walking
     with Christ/

9.  Do those mentioned above mind A. Earthly things or B. Spiritual things

10.  What word best describes the word "conversation" as it us used in many scripture passages?

BONUS#1 According to the last verse, what phrase is used to describe our bodies?
BONUS#2 Regarding the ones mentioned who are now enemies of the cross, what is listed as being their
BONUS#3 In this chapter was Paul boasting of his own righteousness or revealing that the righteousness of
the law was worthless compared to Christ?
BONUS#4 Name the OT reference that teaches that all our righteousness is as filthy rags?