Philippians 4 Quiz

1.  According to this chapter, were there women that labored with Paul in the gospel?

2.  Name any women that are mentioned in this chapter, 5 points each.

3.  Fill in the blank that completes the verse, "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say,

4.  According to verse 5, what is to be made known unto all men. A. Simplicity B. Faith
     C. Moderation

5.  Fill in the blanks, 5 points each.  "Be ___________ for nothing; but in everything by prayer and
     _______________ with ________________ let your requests be made  known unto God."

6.  When Paul writes about being abased and abound, to what is he referring?

7.  When Paul left Macedonia, how many churches does he list along with the Phillippian believers,
      that supported his ministry?

8.  What word is more closely associated with the word "think?"  A. Meditate B. Dream C. Presume

9.  Name as many things as you can that are listed that believers are to "think" on, 5 points each.

10.  What three word phrase is used in this chapter that passes all understanding and that will keep
        the hearts and minds of God's people, apparently as they are praying regarding certain issues?

BONUS#1 Paul lists 4 things that believers are to follow concerning Paul, the first is what they have
learned from him.  Name as many of the other three as you can, 5 points each.
BONUS#2 Who is named as delivering the support gift to Paul from the Philippian believers?
BONUS#3 Paul states here that he did not desire a gift (financial support) but what, that would abound to their account?

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