The Book Of Matthew Quiz

     1.  What is Matthew's other name?
     2.  How many times is the word kingdom in Matthew?
     3.  In what chapter is the miracle that is only found in Matthew?
     4.  How many parables are there that are only in Matthew?
     5.  What chapter and verses are the genealogy of Christ found in?
     6.  To whom was the book primarily written to?
     7.  What was most likely Matthew's job?
     8.  In what chapter does the Lord instruct on how to pray?
     9.  What chapters are the sermon on the mount in?
     10.  What chapter is John the Baptist first mentioned in?


Anonymous said...

please post the answers ....!!!!
pls prepare quiz on all chapters of the will be a great help for students preparing for quizzes


Anonymous said...

pls post the answers of the quiz from the book of matthew

Thank you

Mary said...

You might like the background but you cannot read this.

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