1 Thes. 3 and 4 Quiz

1.  Where did Paul think it good to be left alone?

2.  There are two reasons why Paul sent Timothy and the others to the Thessalonians, name them,
      5 points each.

3.  Fill in the blank, "For now we live, if ye stand ___________ in the Lord."

4.  What did Paul state they were trying to do concerning what was lacking in their faith?

5.  Fill in the blank, "To the end he may establish your hearts ________________ in holiness
     before God, ..."

6.  Fill in the blank, "For this is the will of God, even your ______________, that ye should abstain
     from fornication:"

7.  There is a word used in chapter 4 that means the body, what is it? A. Ship B. Vessel C. Image

8.  What does Paul command that a brother is not to do regarding his treatment of another brother?
      A. Steal From B. Lie to C. Defraud

9.  According to 4:9, who does a person actually despise if they despise a man? A. God B. Himself
     C. His parents

10.  There are three things listed by Paul that the brethren were to do.  The first one is to study to be
        quiet.  Name the other two, 10 points each.

BONUS#1 The word sleep many times refers to what, in the scriptures?
BONUS#2 According to chapter 4, who will rise first, A. Those living or B. Those that are dead
BONUS#3 There are three things that will be heard at Christ's return listed in 4:16, name as many as you can, 5 points each.
BONUS#4 What was Paul's purpose in discussing the return of Christ, according to the last verse
of chapter 4?

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