Ephesians 5 Quiz

1.  Complete this verse, "Be ye therefore _______________________ of God, as dear children."

2. Who is being referred to in v. 2 that gave himself as an offering and a sacrifice to God?

3.  What term is used that showed that God the Father was pleased by this sacrifice?

4.  There are many sinful traits mentioned in vs. 3 and 4 that are not to be named among believers, but
      what IS named that believers ARE to be doing.

5.  According to v. 11, there are two responses believers are to have towards "works of darkness."
     Name them, 5 points each

6.  What word best describes the word "circumspectly?"  A. Smartly B. Padiddles C. Wisely

7.  Why are believers to redeem the time?

8.  There are three types of music listed in v. 19, name as many as you can, 5 points each.

9.  To whom is the wife to submit according to v. 22, "...your __________ husbands..."

10.  What word is used in the last verse of the chapter, that explains how the wife is to respect her husband?

BONUS#1 What OT verse uses a derivative of the word that is used in this chapter regarding a wife to
her husband, in this case being used concerning God's name?
BONUS#2 Based on that scripture, should a Christian ever go by that title that is God's name, yes or no?
BONUS#3 How is a man to love his wife according to this chapter?  there are three possible answers, 5
points for each.
BONUS#4 In this chapter, the three level tier of authority is mentioned.  Put them in the proper order.
BONUS#5 What term is used here that is used in regards to the church, but that is also used regarding the husband and wife relationship?

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