Ephesians 6 Quiz

1.  What command is given here in v. 1 to children?

2.  In v. 2 there is another command to children, which is labeled as the first command with promise, what
     is it?

3.  What command is given to fathers in v. 4 regarding what they are NOT to do?

4.  What command is given in v. 4 explaining what fathers ARE to do, "...bring them up in the ___________
      and ____________________ of the Lord.  5 points each

5.  What practice is mentioned indirectly here that was labeled a cause for the Civil War in the USA?

6.  Fill in the blanks, 5 points each, "Finally, my brethren, be _________ in the Lord and in the __________
     of his might."

7.  What are believers to "put on" to help them in their fight against the devil?

8.  What is most likely meant by the phrase, "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of

9.  How did Paul desire to preach according to v. 19 A. Sharply B. Boldly C. Wisely

10.  There is a reference here as we saw in previous chapters to Paul being a prisoner, but he does not
        use that word, what phrase does he use that gives the same idea?

BONUS#1 Name as many pieces of the armour of God as you can, 5 points each.  And additional 5 points
each for each spiritual counterpart you can name.
BONUS#2 We are told that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  Name as many of the 4 things listed that we DO wrestle against, 5 points each.
BONUS#3 Who does Paul name in this chapter as being a beloved brother and a faithful minister?
BONUS#4 What term does Paul use here that he uses many times in this book, this time referring to the gospel that he desire to make known?

Ephesians 5 Quiz

1.  Complete this verse, "Be ye therefore _______________________ of God, as dear children."

2. Who is being referred to in v. 2 that gave himself as an offering and a sacrifice to God?

3.  What term is used that showed that God the Father was pleased by this sacrifice?

4.  There are many sinful traits mentioned in vs. 3 and 4 that are not to be named among believers, but
      what IS named that believers ARE to be doing.

5.  According to v. 11, there are two responses believers are to have towards "works of darkness."
     Name them, 5 points each

6.  What word best describes the word "circumspectly?"  A. Smartly B. Padiddles C. Wisely

7.  Why are believers to redeem the time?

8.  There are three types of music listed in v. 19, name as many as you can, 5 points each.

9.  To whom is the wife to submit according to v. 22, "...your __________ husbands..."

10.  What word is used in the last verse of the chapter, that explains how the wife is to respect her husband?

BONUS#1 What OT verse uses a derivative of the word that is used in this chapter regarding a wife to
her husband, in this case being used concerning God's name?
BONUS#2 Based on that scripture, should a Christian ever go by that title that is God's name, yes or no?
BONUS#3 How is a man to love his wife according to this chapter?  there are three possible answers, 5
points for each.
BONUS#4 In this chapter, the three level tier of authority is mentioned.  Put them in the proper order.
BONUS#5 What term is used here that is used in regards to the church, but that is also used regarding the husband and wife relationship?

Ephesians 4 Quiz

1.  How many chapters are in the book of Ephesians?

2.  What does the word "vocation" mean?

3.  What word is used here in v. 1 that Paul also uses in chapter 3, that usually refers to a criminal
      or one imprisoned?

4.  Fill in the blank, "Endeavoring to keep the _______ of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

5.  Complete the verse, "One Lord, one faith, one_________________."

6.  How many spiritual gifts are mentioned in the list (in this chapter) of gifts that God gave?  4, 5 or 6?

7.  What definition best fits the word, "perfect" as used here in this chapter. A. Mature B. Sinless C. Aged

8.  According to verse 15, how are we to speak the truth?

9.  What is the believer told to "put off?"

10.  Fill in the blank, "Neither give ____________ to the devil."

BONUS#1 There are six things listed that the believer is told to put away from himself, name as many as you
can, 5 points each.
BONUS#2 There are three characteristics that we as believers are to have or do towards each other.  Name them, 5 points each.
BONUS#3 How long are we sealed by the Holy Spirit?
BONUS#4 What is a main purpose given in this chapter for believers to work for income?

Ephesians 3 Quiz

1.  What term does Paul use here that normally is referring to a criminal or one captured?

2.  What word is used that means, "stewardship" and has to do with how the Lord deals with people        
differently throughout time?

3.  What word beginning with the letter "r" is used to explain how the Lord revealed this information to Paul?

4.  What word is used here to describe what the Lord revealed to Paul?

5 and 6.  In your own words, explain what is meant by this term?  20 points!

7.  Was this information made known to the sons of men (mankind) BEFORE, yes or no?

8.  What word does Paul use for himself, that means servant?

9.  According to v. 17, how does Christ dwell in our hearts? A. By faith B. By belief C. By being good

10.  Fill in the blank, "Now unto him that is able to do ________________ abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us."
BONUS#1 What scripture speaks of "rightly dividing the word of truth?"
BONUS#2 There are four things listed that the saints may be able to comprehend, 5 points for each.
BONUS#3 Using the illustration of two mountains, one being representative of the OT Jews and the other being the Kingdom, what would the valley represent?

Ephesians 2 Quiz

1.  What phrase best describes the word, "quickened?" A. Birth B. Made Alive C. Regenerated

2.  Who is the "prince of the power of the air?"

3.  What word best describes how the word "conversation" is used many times in the scriptures?
       A. speech B. talk C. lifestyle

4.  According to 2:8,9, salvation is the ______________ of God.

5.  Fill in the blank from 2:9, "Not of __________, lest any man should boast."

6.  Is the word "circumcision" as used here representing A. Jews or B. Gentiles or C. The Ephesian Believers

7.  How are those that were "far off" from Christ, made "nigh" or near to Him?

8.  What two categories of people are listed here as being part of the "foundation."

9.  Who is the chief cornerstone of this "building" the body of Christ.

10.  Fill in the blanks, "Now therefore ye are no more ________________ and ______________,
       but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;"

BONUS#1 Quote Eph 2:8 15 points
BONUS#2 Quote Eph 2:10 15 points
BONUS#3 What phrase is used in describing the Ephesian believers BEFORE their conversion, that
also reveals that as they were not Jews, they were far away from God.

Ephesians 1 Quiz

1.  How many chapters are in the book of Ephesians?

2.  Who is the writer of Ephesians?

3.  Fill in the blank, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in ________________ places."

4.  Fill in the blanks, 5 points each, "According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be ______________ and without ______________ before him in love."

5.  What word is used in this chapter that is often confused by many?

6.  Who seals the believers after they believe according to v. 13?

7.  Fill in the blank, "The eyes of your understanding being __________________..."

8.  There are two things Paul heard of the Ephesian believers, name one or both, 5 points each.

9.  What did Paul not cease regarding the believers of Ephesus A. Giving thanks for them B. Taking
      their offerings C. Witnessing to them
      There are two possible points for this answer, 10 points for each.

10.  What have we as believers obtained according to v. 11? A. Heaven B. Inheritance C. Eternal Life

BONUS # 1 What long word is used in this chapter that refers to how the Lord deals with people
throughout the ages, the word also means stewardship.
BONUS#2 What three word phrase is left out of  v. 7 in most modern translations, that has to do with redemption?
BONUS#3 What verse in Colossians is very similar to this verse (7) that has to do with redemption?

Galatians 6 Quiz

1.  What word is used in 6:1 to refer to a brother that needs restored, A. Sin B. Fault C. Tribulation

2.  In what spirit are we to restore this brother, A. Humility B. Pride C. Meekness

3.  Complete this verse, "Bear ye one another's ________________, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

4.  Fill in the blanks, "Be not _______________; God is not _________________: for
     whatsoever a man soweth,  that shall he also ________________."

5.  What are we told not to do in regards to well doing. A. Faint B. Be tired C. Give up

6.  Fill in the blank, "...let us do ____________ unto all men, especially unto them who are of
     the household of faith."

7.  Who is the "household of faith" referring to?

8.  What two words that are contrary describe the main content of  Galatians?

9.  What kind of a letter did Paul write concerning this letter. A. Big B. Large C. Small

10.  How many chapters are in the book of Galatians?
BONUS#1 What did Paul glory in according to Gal. 6:14
BONUS#2 What shall those reap that sow to the flesh?
BONUS#3 Name as many NT books that also have 6 chapters. 5 points for wach.

Galatians 5 Quiz

1 and 2.  Fill in the blanks, 10 points for each.  "Stand fast therefore in the _______________

          wherewith Christ  hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of


3.  Does "...ye are fallen from grace..." mean that one A. Loses their salvation or
     B.  That they have went away from true grace

4.  Fill in the blank, "...who did hinder you that ye should not obey the _______________."

5.  Does it take much leaven or a little leaven to leaven the hole lump?  _______________.

6.  According to the way it is stated here in this chapter, would Paul have received as much
     persecution if he allowed for and still taught the Jewish rite of circumcision as given
     to Abraham.  Yes or no.

7.  What two words does Paul use describing what he would prefer would happen to the
      ones that were troubling the saints of Galatia with their false doctrine?  The words
      must be the EXACT words of the text.

8.  Fill in the blank, "...only use not ____________ for an occasion to the flesh,..."

9.  Paul states here in this chapter that if we walk in the ____________. we will not fulfill
     the lust of the flesh.

10.  What two forces oppose one another according to V. 17?  They are also listed as being
       contrary to one another.

BONUS#1 Give the exact phrase that is recorded in v. 14 that describes how the law is fulfilled?
BONUS#2 Give as many works of the flesh as you can, three points for each
BONUS#3 Give as many as you can that are listed as the fruit of the Spirit, three points each.