1 Thes. 5 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blanks, five points each. "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the ________
     so cometh as a ____________ in the night."

2.  Two things are listed here as being the general consensus of the times, but destruction will come
      suddenly.  Name them, 5 points each.

3.  What illustration is used regarding the above question, A. A person's death B. A woman giving
      birth or C. Having a heart attack

4.  In verse 5, Paul tells the brethren that they are children of what? A. Light B. Truth C. God

5.  What word best describes the word "sober?" A. Not drunk B. Quiet C. Serious

6.  According to verse 9, what has God NOT appointed us to? A. Judgment B. The Tribulation
     C. Wrath

7.  Fill in the blanks regarding Paul's exhortation in verse 14.  "No w we exhort you, brethren, warn
     them that are ___________, comfort the ____________________, support the ___________, be
     patient toward all men.

8.  According to verse 16, what are believers to do evermore?

9.  Pray without ____________.

10.  In what are believers to give thanks according to verse 18? A. Every thing B. Some things C. All

BONUS#1 How does Paul state the brethren were to greet one another?
BONUS#2 According to verse 23, how many parts are there to a human being?
BONUS#3 Name these parts? 5 points each
BONUS#4 What exact term is used to describe what believers are to abstain from?
BONUS#5 According to 5:4, what are believers NOT IN, that the day should overtake them as a

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