Revelation Chapter 2 Quiz

1. How many churches does John write to in chapter two?

2. Who specifically is John writing to?

3. Who gave John these messages to the churches?

4. The church at Ephesus, despite many positives, had left their first _______.

5. What group is mentioned here that Christ hates, referenced to regarding two churches?

6. According to verse seven, who will eat of the tree of life in the paradise of God?

7. Regarding the church at Smyrna, who will cast some of them into prison?

8. What requirement is given to the believers in Smyrna for them to receive the crown of life?

9. According to verse eleven, who will not be hurt of the second death?

10. Who was martyred among the believers at Pergamos?

11. Twice in the message to the church at Pergamos someone is mentioned who dwells with
them, who is it?

12. In the message to the church at Thyatira, who is mentioned that was a seducing prophetess?

13. Where will those be cast that partake of and condone of the doctrine of this false teacher?

14. Complete this verse, " But that which ye have already hold fast ______ __ _________."

15. John tells the church at Thyatira that if they overcome and keep God's works unto the end,
they will have power over what?

Revelation Chapter 1 Quiz

1. Fill in the blank, " The Revelation of __________ _____________ , which God gave unto him,
to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it
by his angel unto his servant John:

2. In verse two it is mentioned that John bare witness of two things, name them, five points each.

3. In verse three it states that those that read, hear and ________ the words of the prophecy (the
book of Revelation) will be blessed.

4. It is mentioned in verse four that John is writing to seven __________.

5. There is mention of seven __________, that are before the throne, in verse four.

6. According to verse six, believers are made kings and ____________ unto God.

7. Verse seven mentions that at Christ's coming, every eye shall see him, and they also which
____________ him.

8. What Greek term meaning beginning and ending is used here by The Lord, to describe

9. What Island was John on when writing Revelation?

10. Other than what has already been referenced, what other things are listed as being seven?

BONUS 1. Name the seven churches listed in this chapter that are mentioned in chapters two and
three, five points each.
BONUS 2. The person that is "like unto the Son of man" has the keys to death and _______.
BONUS 3. What seven items represent the seven churches?
BONUS 4. In the chapter, who do the seven stars represent?