1 Corinthians 16

1.  According to 16:2 what is the implied day the believers met?

2.  What was this collection for?

3.  Fill in the blanks, "...give as God hath ________________ _____________________.

4.  Where was this collection going, to the people of ______________________________.

5.  Who is mentioned in this passage that is apparently an Apostolic delegate under Paul's Authority?

6,7,8.  Fill in the blanks, "Watch ye, stand fast in the ____________, quit you like ______________, be

9.  Who does Paul mention that he desired to come to the Corinthians, but it was not his will to do so at this time?

10.  What couple is mentioned in this chapter that were tentmakers as Paul was?

BONUS#1 What is the reference in Acts that also mentions the believers meeting on the first day of the week?
BONUS#2 Name at least one chapter in 2 Corinthians that also deals with giving to believers in need.
BONUS#3 What is meant by the phrase, "ministry to the saints?"

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