1 Cor Chapter 1

1.  Who is the writer of Corinthians?

2.  What main problem is Paul addressing in this chapter?

3.  There are four people mentioned that the people at Corinth were bonding to, name two of them.

4.  Name at least one person Paul baptized.

5.  What does Paul state that Christ sent him NOT to do?

6.  What does Paul state Christ DID send him to do?

7.  According to v. 18, what is the preaching of the cross to them that are perishing?

8.  Complete this verse, "But God hath chose the foolish things of the world to confound the __________.

9.  Fill in the blank, "That no __________ should glory in his presence."

10.  There are three types of men listed that Paul says God does not call many of, name one of them.

BONUS#1 Verse 30 states that there are three things that Christ Jesus is made unto us, name two of them.
BONUS#2 According to v. 22 we are told that the Jews require what?

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