Galatians Basic-Quiz#2

1. Match the Following Passages with the References

A. “O Foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you...” 1. Gal. 1:8,9

B. “ Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law...” 2. Gal. 3:1

C. “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach... “ 3.Gal. 5:22

D. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love...” 4.Gal. 2:16

E. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath...” 5.Gal. 5:1

2. How many chapters are in the book of Galatians?

3. Who wrote the book of Galatians?

4. What is the theme of the book of Galatians?

5. What other NT book corresponds to the book of Galatians?

Bonus Question!!!!!!

Galatians 6:1 tells us that we are to have a certain spirit as we try to

restore a brother that has been overtaken in a fault?

What is that spirit? __________________

Aptitude Test-QUIZ#1

Aptitude Test

  1. How many books are in the O.T. ?
  2. How many books are in the N.T. ?
  3. Who wrote more books in the N.T. than any other writer?
  4. Give one reference that teaches salvation is not by works.
  5. Give one reference that supports the deity of Christ.
  6. Give one scripture reference about Hell.
  7. Give one scripture reference for the doctrine of the Trinity.
  8. What is the single most powerful verse in the Bible for the Trinity?
  9. Give one reference for modest apparel.
  10. Give one reference concerning music.
  11. Give one reference about alcohol.
  12. How many chapters are in the book of Acts?
  13. What book and chapter talks about the 10 commandments?
  14. What passage in the Bible talks of the abominable sin of sodomy?
  15. Give me one reference concerning evangelism.
  16. What book and chapter details Christ's sending out of the twelve apostles?
  17. How many chapters are in the book of Revelation?
  18. Give one reference concerning the training of children.
  19. Name the books of the N.T. written by the Apostle John?
  20. Name the preacher in the book of Acts that was instructed by Aquila and Priscilla?
  21. There are five passages in the N.T. about the womens role-name three of them.
  22. Give one of the references that gives the requirements for N.T. elders.
  23. What book and chapter talks about the "fruit of the spirit."
  24. Give one reference that talks about the rapture or the second coming of Christ.
  25. What prophet is known as the weeping prophet?
  26. What prophet was commanded by God to marry a harlot?
  27. Give the two chapters in the book of Revelation that describe the 144,000.
  28. Name the two unusual creatures described in the book of Job.
  29. What N.T. book describes the ministry of Enoch?
  30. Complete this verse, "...But shun profane and ..."