1 Cor 14 Quiz

1.  Name one of the main topics of the chapter? __________________________________________

2.  What is a word that describes the word "prophesy" in this chapter? _________________________

3.  When the gift of tongues was in effect, there were some stipulations for how they were to be exercised     in the local church.  10 Pts for each correct answer.  Answer in v. 27,28  _________________________________________________________________________________

4.  Paul stated in v. 19 that he would rather speak HOW MANY WORDS with understanding, than ten
     thousand words in an unknown tongue?  ________________________________________________

5.  Complete this verse, "Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them ______________________  ____________________________________  ____________________".

6 and 7.  Name two of the musical instruments that Paul uses in this chapter for illustration purposes.

8.  According to this chapter a woman is to be A. quiet  B.  silent or 3.  not noisy in the assembly?

9.  When are the women to ask their husband a question, apparently regarding the meeting time?  __________________________________________________________________________________

10.  Complete this verse, "If any man be ignorant, let him be ________________________________."

BONUS#1  Complete this verse, "Let all things be done ________________  ______________  _____

BONUS#2  According to v. 37 what type of person will acknowledge that the commands about the woman's silence are commandments of the Lord.  ___________________________________________

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