What was Naomi's husbands name?
What were the two sons names?
What were the two sons wives names?
What city did they go to because of the famine?
Which daughter-in-law went back with Naomi?
Where did Naomi and her daughter-in-law go?
What did Naomi tell them to call her?
What was Bethlehem harvesting when they got there?
What was the Kinsmans name that was related to Naomi?
Why did Naomi tell them to call her Mara?
In whose field did Ruth glean ears of corn?
What did Boaz tell Ruth to dip her bread in at his table?
Did Ruth go to another persons field?
Who brought up Ruth going to glean in a field for food?
What did Orpah do when Naomi said to go to her own home?

By Modesty
Age 12

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