Book of Acts Chapter 2 Quiz

1. What "day" was fully come in Acts 2? ________________________________________
2. What strange result came from those that were filled w/ the Holy Ghost? _______________
3. Name five areas that were represented by those that witnessed this event. (v. 9-12)
4. What did these men accuse the believers of being "full of?" __________________________
5. Who was the preacher in Acts 2? ____________________________________________
6. What chapter of Joel is quoted in Acts, chapter two? ______________________________
7. How was Peter's message made personal as he preached his message? __________________
8. About how many responded to Peter's message? _________________________________
9. List two of the four things listed at the end of the chapter that these new believers continued
in? ______________________________________________________________
10. What distinct lifestyle change came about in Acts 2? (v. 44,45) ____________________
Bonus Question- What Psalm is peter quoting from in this chapter? ____________________

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