2 Thessalonians 1&2 Quiz

1. What word best describes the word "meet" as it is used here in chapter one? A. Acceptable
B. fit C. Good

2. Paul mentions two things that they gloried in regarding the Thessalonians believers'
Persecutions and tribulations they have gone through. Name them, 5 points each.

3. Fill in the blank, " Which is a manifest ------------- of the righteous judgment of God.."

4. What word is used to describe the fire in the illustration of The Lord taking vengeance on
the lost at His return?

5. What type of destruction will the lost be punished with according to 1:9?

6. What word is used in 1:8 regarding those that reject the gospel, "that -------- not the gospel
of our Lord Jesus Christ:"

7. What word best describes the word beseech? A. Beg B. Intreat C. Likes

8. Does it sound like the believers of Thessalonica were troubled about The Lord's return, yes
or no?

9. Who will be revealed before the Day of Christ according to chapter two?

10. What particular trait will accompany the false prophet during the Great Tribulation?

BONUS #1 What two other books in the Bible speak of the Great Tribulation?
BONUS #2 What is the common phrase used to describe the time when the Anti-Christ
refers to Himself as God?
BONUS# 3. Who will send delusion to those that reject the gospel during the Tribulation?
BONUS # 4 What term is used describing what will happen to those who reject the gospel,
having pleasure in unrighteousness?
BONUS# 5 What one word would describe what seems to be Paul's main thought about their
misunderstanding of when The Lord would return, he was trying to -------- them.

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