Why a Bible Quiz Website?

These quizzes are a great and fun way to learn the precious Word of God!  These are designed to be used any way you like including in personal or family devotions (both of which are greatly encouraged by the author of the blog).  In fact, they were developed and many are based on family devotions that I have done with my family.  As I have a number of children, ranging in various ages, I recommend any younger children studying with the older children or a parent to assist them.  At the same time, I have attempted (not to well sometimes) to remember that some quiz questions should be somewhat easier because of children that may take them.   For that reason and just to help the reader better understand each section of the Bible being covered in each quiz, I normally add bonus questions as well.   Remember, the purpose of biblequizzesforchristians is for God's people (or even those seeking truth) to get to know and understand the Book of God!  In this wonderful book, the Bible, we have the truth (John 17:17) and yet despite being the most purchased book in the world, it many times seems to be the least read.  We are commanded to read the scriptures (Is. 34:16), study (2 Tim 2:15), meditate upon it (Psalms 1) and obey it!  It is my prayer that this simple quiz site will assist the believer in his knowledge of the Word of God that his walk with God may increase and he may be more prepared to live an effective and powerful Christian life, that he may be salt and light to a dying world!

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