1 Peter 3 Quiz

1.  What does the word " conversation" mean here as well as in many other passages in the scriptures?

2.  According to this passage can a saved wife greatly influence an unsaved husband?

3.  What should be the focus of a saved woman, the inward or the outward?

4.  What OT woman is mentioned in this chapter as an example of holy women?

5.  According to verse seven, what is the man to give to his wife? A. Honor B. Money C. Trust

6.  According to this chapter, can prayers be hindered by a man not treating his wife correctly?

7.  Fill in the blanks, five points each.  " Finally, be ye all of one ______, having __________ one of 
     another, love as __________, be ___________, be __________:"

8.  What is a believer told to refrain his tongue from in this chapter?

9.  Who is the "face" of The Lord against according to this chapter?

10.  What should be the result of one who suffers for righteousness sake, A. Anger B. Happiness 
       C.  Uneasiness

BONUS 1 Write out verse 15. 
BONUS 2 does this chapter teach that water baptism saves, yes or no.

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