James 1 Quiz

1.  Who wrote the book of James?

2.  Who is the book of James written to?  What group of people?

3.  Complete this verse, "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers _______________."

4.  What is the believer told to do if he lacks wisdom?

5.  What type of man is unstable in all his ways?

6.  What crown is promised to the believer that endures temptation?

7 & 8.  Fill in the blanks, "Be ye ___________ of the word, and not ____________ only, deceiving
      your own selves."

9.  According to this chapter, what is able to save the souls of those James is speaking to?

10. Is the book of James written to believers or unbelievers?

BONUS#1 What is the believer to keep himself unspotted from?
BONUS#2 What is the believer recommended to "bridle" in chapter 1?
BONUS#3 What is the believer to do regarding the fatherless and the widow?

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