Colossians 4 Quiz

1.  What controversial subject does it sound verse one is referring to?

2.  What term is used here that is used in many of Paul's Epistles, the ________ of Christ?

3.  According to verse 6, what type of speech is the believer to have? A Speech with grace
     B. Speech with dignity C. Speech with clarity

4.  Did Jesus ALWAYS speak with grace, yes or no?

5.  Give one reference or example where Jesus did not speak or act with grace?

6.  According to some wording in this passage, does it sound like Paul was a prisoner at this
     time, yes or no?

7.  There is a brother mentioned whose name was Jesus, but he was called by another name, what is

8.  What term is used in verse 15 that means a called out assembly?

9.  There is an epistle mentioned in verse 16 that Paul states was to be read to the brethren of
      Colosee, where was this Epistle from?

10.  Who is mentioned as having a great zeal for the believers at Colossee as well as those of

BONUS#1 Who is mentioned as being a fellowprisoner with Paul?
BONUS#2 What one brother is mentioned as specifically being a beloved brother AND a faithful
                   minister and fellowservant of the Lord?
BONUS#3 Who is mentioned in this chapter that is a physician who also wrote a gospel?
BONUS#4 Who is mentioned that later forsakes Paul, becoming a lover of the world?

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