Jeremiah Basic Quiz

1.  How many chapters are in Jeremiah?                                      _____________________________
2.  What was unique about Jeremiah's calling?                             _____________________________
3.  Name One King of whose reign Jeremiah preached.               _____________________________
4.  What type of man is God looking for (Jer 5)?                         _____________________________
5.  What was the main sin of God's people in the book?              ______________________________
6.  According to Jer. 17:9 the heart is                                          ______________________________
7.  Was Jeremiah's preaching received or rejected?                     ______________________________
8.  Name two ways in which Jeremiah was persecuted.               ______________________________
9.  What is the name of the family that would drink no wine.        ______________________________
10. What did the King have done to the writings of Jeremiah?     _______________________________
How was Esther related to Mordecai?
What did Esther obtain in the Kings sight?
Who was the Kings right-hand man?
Who was Esther brought up with?
Who did Esther marry?
Who wanted to kill the King?
Who was the Kings first wife?
What was Esther's posistion?
Who was the next King?
Who were the Jews?

By Mercy
Age 9


What was Naomi's husbands name?
What were the two sons names?
What were the two sons wives names?
What city did they go to because of the famine?
Which daughter-in-law went back with Naomi?
Where did Naomi and her daughter-in-law go?
What did Naomi tell them to call her?
What was Bethlehem harvesting when they got there?
What was the Kinsmans name that was related to Naomi?
Why did Naomi tell them to call her Mara?
In whose field did Ruth glean ears of corn?
What did Boaz tell Ruth to dip her bread in at his table?
Did Ruth go to another persons field?
Who brought up Ruth going to glean in a field for food?
What did Orpah do when Naomi said to go to her own home?

By Modesty
Age 12

Book of Acts Chapter 2 Quiz

1. What "day" was fully come in Acts 2? ________________________________________
2. What strange result came from those that were filled w/ the Holy Ghost? _______________
3. Name five areas that were represented by those that witnessed this event. (v. 9-12)
4. What did these men accuse the believers of being "full of?" __________________________
5. Who was the preacher in Acts 2? ____________________________________________
6. What chapter of Joel is quoted in Acts, chapter two? ______________________________
7. How was Peter's message made personal as he preached his message? __________________
8. About how many responded to Peter's message? _________________________________
9. List two of the four things listed at the end of the chapter that these new believers continued
in? ______________________________________________________________
10. What distinct lifestyle change came about in Acts 2? (v. 44,45) ____________________
Bonus Question- What Psalm is peter quoting from in this chapter? ____________________

Book of Acts Chapter 1 Quiz

1. Who wrote the book of Acts? ____________________________________________
2. How many chapters are in the book of Acts? _________________________________
3. In Acts 1:6, what is the expectancy of the Apostles? ____________________________
4. Names the apostles as listed in chapter 1. ___________________________________
5. Who was the primary leader during the first part of Acts? ________________________
6. About how many met in the upper room? ___________________________________
7. Who is Acts actually written to? __________________________________________
8. What was the "promise" that the disciples were to wait for? _______________________
9. What apostle was chosen to replace Judas? ___________________________________
10. What does "Aceldama: mean? ____________________________________________
Bonus Question: What Honda vehicle is mentioned in chapter one? _____________________