Judges 11 and 12

1.  Who is the judge in chapter 11?
2.  Complete this verse, "...he was the son of an _______."
3.  What type of men were gathered unto this man? Men of valor, good men, vain men, strong men?
4.  Did the Spirit of the Lord come upon Jepthah or Sihon in this chapter?
5.  Did Jepthah keep his vow to the Lord?
6.  What word is used as a test in chapter 12?
7.  How many years did Jepthah judge Israel? 4, 6, or 14?
8.  Name all the judges you can name from chapter 12 other than Jepthah? 10 pts. for each.
9.  Name one of the peoples in chapter 12 other than Israel.
10.  What did the men threaten to do to Jepthah because he did not call them to fight against the children of   

Bonus#1  What false god is mentioned in chapter 11?
Bonus#2  How long did Jepthah's daughter bewail her virginity?

Judges 9 and 10 Quiz

1.  What is Jerubbaal's other name? _______________________________
2.  Who slew the sons of Jerubbaal? ______________________________
3.  What position of importance was Abimelech? _____________________
4.  Was Abimelech good or evil? _________________________________
5.  What was unique about the person that killed Abilelech?
6.  Who judged Israel after Abimelech died? ________________________
7.  Who is the other judge in Judges 10?
8.  Name one of the false gods the Israelites worshipped in Judges 10? _______________________
9.  Did the Israelites repent in Judges 10, yes or no? _____________________________________
10.  Was God angry with His people in Judges 10?
BONUS#1  What tool did Abimelech use to cut down the bough from the trees? ________________
BONUS#2  What did Abimelech sow the city with after he defeated it in Judges 9? ______________

Romans 4 Quiz

#1.  What was counted unto Abraham?
#2. Write out Romans 4:5 ( a great verse for salvation by grace)
#3. What O.T. King is quoted in Romans 4.
#4. Who is blessed?
#5. What is there when there is no law?
#6.What O.T leader is mentioned in Romans 4?
#7.Who quickeneth the dead?
#8.Who was made a father of many nations?
#9.Who raised up Jesus our Lord
#10. Christ was raised again for our what?

Book Of Acts Overview

1.  Who wrote the book of Acts?
2.  What is the book of Acts mainly about?
3.  How many chapters are in the book of  Acts?
4.  Who is the predominate Apostle in the first part of Acts?
5.  Who is the predominate Apostle in the rest of the book of Acts?
6.  In what chapter is Stephen mentioned?
7.  What does the Bible say Stephen was full of?
8.  On which road was Saul when he was blinded?
9.  Name two of Paul's companions?
10.  Name three places Paul went during his missionary journeys?
11.  What Gentile leader did Peter deal with in Acts chapter 10?
12.  What was Lydia a seller of?
13.  What was Aquila and Priscilla's occupation?
14.  Who did Aquila and Priscilla teach the way of God to?
15.  Who fell from the loft window while Paul was preaching?
16.  What verse in chapter 20 mentions door knocking and public evangelism?
17. Paul is called an Apostle to the ______________
18.  What king told Paul "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian."
19.  What dangerous creature did Paul encounter in Acts 18?
20.  How many years did Paul live in his own house at the end of chapter 28?

Judges 7 & 8 Quiz

1.  What Judge is in chapters 7 and 8?

2.  How many men did Gideon take with him into battle?

3.  What method was used to decrease the number of men that were to go into battle?
4.  What musical instrument did the man take as they went into "battle?"

5.  Name one of the other items the men brought with them.  Extra 10 points if both are named.

6.   Fill in the blank from 7:20, "...the _ _ _ _ _ of the Lord, and of Gideon."

7.  Name one of the princes of the Midianites they took.  Extra 10 points for both.

8.  Who was Gideon's father, Gideon, son of _ _ _ _ _

9.  How did Gideon "teach"  the men of Succoth?

10.  What jewelry did the Ishmaelites wear?

Bonus: Name one of the two kings that Gideon pursued, took and later, slew? 5 pts
Bonus: What is Gideon's other name?   5 pts.

Judges 5 and 6 Quiz

1.  Who was the female Judge of this section of Judges?
2.  Name one of the other judges that is mentioned in these chapters.
3.  Complete this verse, "They chose new _ _ _ _...."
4.  True/false Was Jael praised by Deborah for her killing of Sisera?
5.  What people were against Israel in ch. 6?
6.  Who did the Lord use in this section of Judges to deliver Israel?
7.  Who appeared with this man to deliver the message from the Lord?
8.  The one that appeared to the judge in ch. 6 called him a might man of _ _ _ _ _.
9.  What false god did the judge's father worship?
10.  What instrument did this judge use?
BONUS#1 What material did this judge use to get a sign from the Lord?
BONUS#2 What did this judge do when he recognized who the messenger was that appeared to him?

Judges 4

1.  Complete this passage from 4:1 "And the children of Israel again did _ _ _ _ in the sight of the Lord,..."
2.  Who was the "prophetess" of this chapter?
3.  What man worked with Deborah and slew the men of Sisera?
4.   Who killed Sisera?
5.  What was used to kill him?
6.  What part of the body was the item driven into on Sisera?
7.  What mode of transportation is mentioned many times in this chapter that is also a vehicle of war?
8.  When Sisera asked for a drink of water, what was he given to drink?
9.  What type of dwelling was Sisera in when he was killed?
10. What was the spouses name of the person who killed Sisera?
BONUS What country was Jabin king of?