Book of James Overview

1.  Who wrote the book of James?

2.  To which group of people was the book of James written?

3.  How many chapters are in the book of James?

4.  What book comes before James?

5.  What book comes after the book of James?

6.  What particular cult likes to pervert what James states about works for salvation?

7.  Complete this part of v. 5 of chapter 1, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of ____________..."

8.  Chapter three deals much with a certain body part, is it the heart, the tongue or the hand.

9.  According to chapter 2:19, who also believes in one God.  The verse reads, "...the ___________
     also believe and tremble."

10.  What OT figure is mentioned in the book of James?

BONUS#1 Complete this verse, "The just shall live by ______________."
BONUS#2 Who is listed in chapter 3 as being justified because she received messengers, regarding
                an incident in the OT?

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