2 Cor. 5 Quiz

1.  What is being referred to in this chapter when the phrase is used, "tabernacle?"

2.  In 5:5 the phrase is used, "the earnest of the Spirit."  Give one other reference to the Holy Spirit in Paul's
     writings.  A 5 point bonus if you can give the scripture reference about the being sealed unto the day of

3.  Complete this part of v. 7, "...willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be ____________ with
      the Lord."

4.  In v. 10 Paul states that all will appear before what seat?

5.  Is the above scripture regarding all people, saved and lost or believers?

6.  Complete this part of v. 11, "knowing therefore the _______________ of the Lord, we persuade men.

7.  According to v. 14, what "constraineth" Paul and the others, A. Charity B. Love or C. Sorrow?

8.  According to V. 15, who is the believer to live for?

9.  What verse speaks of the believer being a new creature?

10.  Complete this section of v. 20, "Now then we are _________________ of Christ..."

BONUS#1 What word used at the end of the chapter means "to bring together that which was not together
BONUS#2 What term is used for the NT believers ministry regarding evangelism?

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