Galatians 5 Quiz

1 and 2.  Fill in the blanks, 10 points for each.  "Stand fast therefore in the _______________

          wherewith Christ  hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of


3.  Does " are fallen from grace..." mean that one A. Loses their salvation or
     B.  That they have went away from true grace

4.  Fill in the blank, "...who did hinder you that ye should not obey the _______________."

5.  Does it take much leaven or a little leaven to leaven the hole lump?  _______________.

6.  According to the way it is stated here in this chapter, would Paul have received as much
     persecution if he allowed for and still taught the Jewish rite of circumcision as given
     to Abraham.  Yes or no.

7.  What two words does Paul use describing what he would prefer would happen to the
      ones that were troubling the saints of Galatia with their false doctrine?  The words
      must be the EXACT words of the text.

8.  Fill in the blank, "...only use not ____________ for an occasion to the flesh,..."

9.  Paul states here in this chapter that if we walk in the ____________. we will not fulfill
     the lust of the flesh.

10.  What two forces oppose one another according to V. 17?  They are also listed as being
       contrary to one another.

BONUS#1 Give the exact phrase that is recorded in v. 14 that describes how the law is fulfilled?
BONUS#2 Give as many works of the flesh as you can, three points for each
BONUS#3 Give as many as you can that are listed as the fruit of the Spirit, three points each.

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