Ephesians 2 Quiz

1.  What phrase best describes the word, "quickened?" A. Birth B. Made Alive C. Regenerated

2.  Who is the "prince of the power of the air?"

3.  What word best describes how the word "conversation" is used many times in the scriptures?
       A. speech B. talk C. lifestyle

4.  According to 2:8,9, salvation is the ______________ of God.

5.  Fill in the blank from 2:9, "Not of __________, lest any man should boast."

6.  Is the word "circumcision" as used here representing A. Jews or B. Gentiles or C. The Ephesian Believers

7.  How are those that were "far off" from Christ, made "nigh" or near to Him?

8.  What two categories of people are listed here as being part of the "foundation."

9.  Who is the chief cornerstone of this "building" the body of Christ.

10.  Fill in the blanks, "Now therefore ye are no more ________________ and ______________,
       but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;"

BONUS#1 Quote Eph 2:8 15 points
BONUS#2 Quote Eph 2:10 15 points
BONUS#3 What phrase is used in describing the Ephesian believers BEFORE their conversion, that
also reveals that as they were not Jews, they were far away from God.

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