Judges Chapter 3

1.  Name one of the three judges in this chapter.
2.  Name another judge in the chapter.
3.  Name a third judge in the chapter.
4.  The Lord was pleased with His people in this chapter  True/False
5.  What was Ehud's present to the King?
6.  What was the king's name?
7.  What was "unique" about the figure of this king?
8.  One of the judges slew 600 Philistines with what unusual weapon?
9.  Name one of the groups of people whose name ends in "tites" that are in this chapter.
10.  Name one of the two sins mentioned that God's people committed, that are referenced in this chapter.
BONUS-What was unusual about Ehud's hands?

Judges Chapter 2 Quiz

1.  Who was the messenger in this chapter?
2.  Israel was told to make no __________ with the inhabitants of the land.
3.  According to this chapter following the people of the lands could be as _______ in your sides.
4.  Who was Joshua's father?  Son of _____.?
5.  And there arose another generation after them, which knew not _______  __________.
6.  A false god and goddess are named in this chapter, name one of them.
7.  Did God's people continue following the Lord after Joshua and the Elders died? Yes/No
8.  Nevertheless the Lord raised up J_ _ _ _ s,..."
9.  Was God angry at Israel for forsaking Him?  yes/No
10. OPEN BOOK FOR THIS QUESTION ONLY-Find the verse that mentions the anger of the Lord.

Judges Chapter 1

1. What book precedes the book of Judges?
2. Name 2 of the Judges that you know are in this book.
3. The first verse of chapter 1 mentions the death of a leader of israel, who is it?
4. Adoni-bezek had his thumbs and his toes ______   _________.
5. After this happened to Adoni-bezek, what occurred to him in Jerusalem?
6 What did Caleb promise to the man that slew Kir-jath-sepher?
7. Who slew Kir-jath-sepher?
8. What was Caleb's daughters name?
9. Name two of the people's mentioned in chapter one that end in "ites."
10. The Canaanites became trib_ _____s.

Romans Chapter 3 Quiz

  1. if some did not believe? does their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? 
  2. ...let God be true but every man a 
  3. Who shall judge the world?
  4. Finish this verse As it is written
  5. What is the law for?
  6. There shall no flesh be justified in his sight by what?
  7. Quote Romans 3:23?
  8. We are freely justified through what?
  9.  Is a man justified by faith without the law?
  10. Do we make void the law through faith?

Romans 2 Quiz

  1. Who is the judgment of God against?
  2. What leads us to Repentance?
  3. Who will render to every man according to his deeds?
  4. What comes upon them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath?
  5. What comes to the Jew first and also  to the Gentile?
  6. Who shall perish without law?
  7. Who shall be justified?
  8. What is bearing witness?
  9. The name of God is what among the Gentiles through them?
  10. Who is a true Jew?

Romans 1 Quiz

  1. Who wrote the book of Romans?
  2. Who declared to be the Son of God?
  3. What was spoken of throughout the whole world?
  4. Complete vs 16 For I am not ashamed of the.....
  5. What is revealed from Heaven?
  6. Who shall live by faith?
  7. What is one of the sins that is mentioned in vs 21?
  8. God gave the Homosexuals over to what?
  9. Who is worthy of death?
  10. How many chapters in the book or Romans?

3 John 1 Quiz

#1. What Does the Apostle wish for above all things?
#2. Why did John rejoice greatly?
#3. What made John such joy?
#4. What will John remember?
#5. What should we as Christians follow?
#6. Who hath a good report?
#7. Who wrote the book of 3rd John?
#8. How many books did the author of 3rd John write?

Book Of John Overview

1.  In what chapter does Christ turn water into wine.                                                                                        
2.  In what chapter does Christ approach the Samaritan woman.                                                                      
3.  In what chapter does Mary anoint Christ feet.                                                                                            
4. In what chapter does Christ say he is the Way the Truth the Life.                                                                    
5.  Who betrayed Jesus.                                                                                                                                  
6.  How many times did Peter deny Jesus.                                                                                                      
7.  After the resurrection who did Jesus appear to first.                                                                                     
8.  Who is referred to as the disciple Jesus loved.                                                                                            
9.  Which John wrote this book.                                                                                                                      
10.  Who does Christ raise from the dead.                                                                                                      

2 John Quiz

#1. Who does John love in the truth?
#2. What dwelleth in us?
#3. Who is the Son of the Father?
#4. Why did John rejoice greatly?
#5. What is the commandment that we had from the beginning?
#6. What is love?
#7. What does a deceiver confess not?
#8. Who hath not God?
#9. We should not bid who God speed?
#10. Who is a partaker of evil?

Book Of Luke Overview

1.  What other book did Luke write.                                                                                                             
2.  Who was Luke mainly writing to.                                                                                                              
3.  What angel  is mentioned in Luke 1.                                                                                                         
4.  What happened to Zacharias in the Temple.                                                                                              
5.  What was Luke's mothers name.                                                                                                               6.  Who is born in Luke 2.                                                                                                                            
7.  Who tempts Jesus in chapter 4.                                                                                                                
8.  In what chapter does Jesus choose the twelve disciples.                                                                            
9.  In what chapter does Christ feed the 5,000.                                                                                          
10.  In what chapter is Christ resurrected.                                                                                                  

1 John Chapter 5 Quiz

#1. How do we know that we love the children of God?
#2. What is the victory that overcometh the world?
#3. What did Jesus come by?
#4. What is the best verse in the Bible for the Trinity it is in Ch5?
#5. Who hath the witness in himself?
#6. Who hath not life?
#7. Why has John written these things unto us?
#8. Is there a sin unto death?
#9. What is sin?
#10. What lieth in wickedness?

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In this present day as sin abounds and false religion has permeated our country, the Lord has called many men to be used of God in this important ministry. Brother James is one of these men and in this book he deals with virtually every issue concerning publick ministry, including many misunderstood aspects. In this time where Christians seem more concerned with "religious" correctness, publick ministry, public image and being seeker sensitive, publick ministry has become quite controversial. Having preached in nearly every venue possible, from city and town street corners around the USA to Gay Pride Parades, Jehovah's Witness and Mormon Conventions, sporting events (such as the Indy 500, the Kentucky Derby, Nascar races, etc.) rock concerts, pagan festivals and Mardi Gras and with nearly a quarter of a century of experience, the author is fully qualified to write Holy Fire.
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Book Of Mark Overview

1. What was Mark's surname.                                                                                                                         
2.What was Mark's mother's name.                                                                                                                 
3. How many miracles are performed in Mark.                                                                                                 
4. What is distinct about Mark from the other gospels.                                                                                      
5. In what book and chapter is Mark's mother mentioned.                                                                                   6. In chapter one who does Mark mention as "one crying in the wilderness."                                                       
7. How many times does Jesus perform miracles over demons.                                                                          
8. How many miracles are performed in Mark chapter one.                                                                               
9. In what chapter is Jesus crucified.                                                                                                                  
10. In Mark 15 who takes the body of Jesus.                                                                                                    

1 John Chapter 4 Quiz

#1.  Why should we try every spirit?
#2.How do we know the Spirit of God?
#3.What is the spirit of antichrist?
#4.How do we know the spirit of truth and error?
#5.Who might we live through?
#6.What was Christ sent for?
#7.Who does God dwell in?
#8.Why is our love made perfect?
#9.Why can a man not love God because he hates his brother?
#10.What is the commandment we have from Him?

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Ruth Chapter 3-4 Quiz

#1 Noami told Ruth to go uncover what?_______________________
#2 Did Ruth obey Noami?_________________
#3 What did Boaz say to Ruth when she was laying at his feet? __________________
#4 Who did Boaz talk to about Ruth?________________
#5 Boaz call Ruth a _______________ woman? ____________________
#6 How many measure of barley did Boaz give to Ruth?____________________
#7 Boaz took off his _____________ as a testimony?
#8 Did Boaz and Ruth have children? ___________________
#9 What was their sons name? _________________
#10 Who was Salmon? ____________________

1John Chapter 3

#1 According to vs 1 What os the manner of love bestowed upon us?_____________________________
#2 According to vs 2 Who shall we be like?______________________
#3 According to vs 3 What does every man do that has this hope in him?________________________
#4 According to vs 4 What is sin?_______________________
#5 According to vs 5 In Christ there is no? _________________________
#6 According to vs 8 The Son of God was manifested for what purpose?________________________
#7 According to vs 10 Who is not of God?______________________
#8 According to vs 12 Why did Cain kill Abel?_____________________
#9 According to vs 14 Who abides in death? _________________________
#10 According to vs 15 Who is a murderer? _________________________

The Book Of Matthew Quiz

     1.  What is Matthew's other name?
     2.  How many times is the word kingdom in Matthew?
     3.  In what chapter is the miracle that is only found in Matthew?
     4.  How many parables are there that are only in Matthew?
     5.  What chapter and verses are the genealogy of Christ found in?
     6.  To whom was the book primarily written to?
     7.  What was most likely Matthew's job?
     8.  In what chapter does the Lord instruct on how to pray?
     9.  What chapters are the sermon on the mount in?
     10.  What chapter is John the Baptist first mentioned in?

1 John Chapter 2 Quiz

According to Vs 1 Who is the book written to?
According to Vs 2 What is the propitiation for?
According to Vs 3 How do we know that we know Him?
According to Vs 5 In whom is the love of God perfected?
According to Vs 7 What is the old commandment?
According to Vs 8 What is past?
According to Vs 9 Who is in darkness?
According to Vs 12 Why does John write to the little children?
According to Vs 13 Who has the father known?
According to Vs 14 Why did John write to the young man?
According to Vs 15 What should we not love?
According to Vs 16 What is in the world?
According to Vs 20 From whom do we have an unction?
According to Vs 21 What is not of the truth?
According to Vs 25 What has He promised us?

1 John 1 Quiz

According to Vs 1 What have we seen?
According to Vs 2 What was manifested unto us?
According to Vs 3 Who is our fellowship with?
According to Vs 5 What is God?
According to Vs 6 If we say we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness we do what?
According to Vs 7 What does Christ's blood cleanse us from?
According to Vs 8 We deceive ourselves if we say what?
According to Vs 9 What do we have to do for our sins to be forgiven?
According to Vs 10 If we say we have not sinned, we call whom a liar?
Who wrote the 1st John?
How many other books did the author write?
How many verses in the 1st chapter?