1 Corinthians 7&8 Quiz

1.  Does the evidence point to Paul being married or unmarried from these chapters?

2.  According to the definition of the word "touch" is it appropriate for unmarried people to hug, hold hands
     or kiss, members of the opposite sex, before marriage, yes or no.

3.  Circle the best word or phrase that best describes how the Lord feels about divorce, or one "putting away"
      their  spouse.  "Does not care for" "advises against" "hates" "dislikes"

4.  Should a believing spouse kick out a spouse that is an unbeliever, yes or no?

5.  Complete this verse, "yes are bought with a ___________."

6.  According to chapter 7, is it wrong, or is it natural for a married person to care for and please his or her

7.  Do the scriptures give any allowance for a NT believer marrying an unbeliever, yes or no.

8.  What chapter in the NT is very similar to chapter 8?

9.  What word is also part of the definition of the word "god?"

10.  What should a believer do if their "liberty" is causing a brother to stumble in their Christian walk?

BONUS#1 and 2 Complete this verse,  "knowledge ___________ up, but ____________ edifieth."

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