Galatians 4 Quiz

1.  Fill in the blank, "...God sent forth his _______________, made of a woman, made under the law."

2.  What term is used here regarding our affection for the Lord that is a term of intimacy or closeness?

3.  In v. 10 Paul states that the Galatians observed four elements of time, 5 points for each one.

4.  Was the book of Galatians written TO A. the Judaizers (those that were trying to get believers to go back
      to the law), or was it written to B. The believers in Galatia because they were getting corrupted by the
      teachings of the Judaizers.

5.  What did Paul state as an illustration, that the would have plucked out and given to Paul, apparently
      due to their loyalty and love for him?

6.  What OT leader is mentioned and used for an illustration in this chapter?

7.  What mount, or mountain is mentioned in this chapter?

8.  Two "women" types are mentioned, one is the freewoman, what is the other?

9.  According to this chapter, he that was born after the flesh persecuted  hi m that was born after what?

10.  Fill in the blank, "To redeem them that were under the _______________, that we might receive the
       adoption of sons."
BONUS#1 What or Who does God send into believers hearts that causes them to cry "Abba, Father?"
BONUS#2 Complete this verse, "...but received me as an ______________ of God."
BONUS#3 What chapter in Acts refers to the Jerusalem Council where the church leaders deal with
the Judaizers?  25 Points!

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