I Timothy 3 Quiz

1. What two offices of a local assembly are listed here?

2. What word is interchangeable with Bishop?

3. What other book and chapter gives prerequisites for Elders?

4. Among the listed requirements, what should a Bishop be apt to do?

5. What listed requirement for Bishops means serious or solemn?

6. According to this passage, is it necessary for a Bishop to have his children in subjection?

7. Fill in the blank, "Not a -----------, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation
of the devil."

8. Is it implied from this passage that a Bishop be married and have children, yes or no?

9. What type of a report is the Bishop to have before the unsaved?

10. What are deacons not to be greedy of?

BONUS1 What important doctrine does verse 16 teach and support?
BONUS2 When was God manifest in the flesh, in your own words?
BONUS3 Who was preached unto the Gentiles and received up into glory?
BONUS4 Would it be good for every man young and old, to strive to meet these requirements?
BONUS5 Whose wives are mentioned here, the Bishops or the Deacons?

1 Timothy 2 Quiz

1.  What does Paul exhort should be made Kings and those in Authority?  Name them, 5 points each.

2.  Two words are used to describe the life that those will LEAD under the rule of those that are
     mentioned here, name them, 5 points each.

3.  Fill in the blanks, "Who will have _____ men to be saved, and to come unto the ______________
     of the truth."

4.  Does the Lord MAKE people get saved, yes or no?

5.  According to verse five, how many mediators are there between God and men?

6.  What well-known false religious system is 2 :5 applicable to?

7.  There are three things listed that Paul is ordained as, name them, 5 points each.

8.  What two things are prerequisites to men praying with hands lifted up?

9.  What type of apparel are women to be adorned in according to 2:9?

10.  What characteristic is a Godly woman to  have or be adorned with? "_______ works."

BONUS#1 Complete the verse, "Let the woman learn in silence with all _______."
BONUS#2 According to verse 14, who was deceived first, Adam or Eve?
BONUS#3 There are two characteristics linked with along with the type of apparel in 2:9,
                   both start with the letter "s."  Name them, 5 points each.

1 Timothy 1 Quiz

1.  What earthly term is used in verse two to describe Timothy's spiritual relationship to Paul?

2.  Paul mentions two things that Timothy was not to "take heed" to, name them, 5 points each.

3.  What does heeding these two things cause at times, according to this verse?

4.  What of the following can the word "fables" refer to.  Circle each correct answer, 5 points for
      each correct answer. Historical accounts, Fiction, Made-up stories, Myths, Legends

5.  What group of people best describes who the law was designed for? A. The Righteous B. The
      Christians C. The UnGodly

6.  Fill in the blank, "And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me
     ______________, putting me into the ministry."

7.  What word is used here in Paul's charge to Timothy that means "battle" or "fight?"

8.  There are two names mentioned of men that were delivered unto Satan, that they learn not to
      blaspheme.  Name them, 5 points each.

9.  What phrase best describes the words "vain jangling?"  A. Continuously tossing items in the air,
      without letting them drop B. Idle Words C. Worthless running

10.  Name as many cities as you can that Paul mentions in this chapter, 5 points each.

BONUS#1 Paul lists three characteristics of his behavior as a lost man, name them. 5 points each.
BONUS#2 There are six GENERAL categories listed in reference to who the law was designed for,
                   one of these is the answer to question 5.  Name as many of the others as you can, 5 points
BONUS#3 There are four words used in verse 17 to describe the Lord Jesus Christ (possibly 5), name
                   them, 5 points each.
BONUS#4 Though many label Timothy as a pastor, what is another more likely possibility as his
                   position?  An ___________ delegate.

2 Thessalonians 3 Quiz

1.  Paul refers in verse 2 to men that he desired to be delivered from, name as many characteristics as you
     can about these men, 5 points each.

2.  Complete the verse, "But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from __________."

3.  Is there ANY reference in this chapter to the Lord's return, yes or no?

4.  What does the word "disorderly" mean, in a general sense?

5.  What does the word "disorderly" mean in this chapter?

6.  What word best describes Paul's position? A. Elder B. Pastor C. Apostle

7.  Other than forming and instructing believers regarding NT assemblies and other matters, what was Paul's
      main serving ministry?

8.  What work did Paul do to provide for many of his needs?

9.  Was it acceptable for Paul to receive support from God's people, yes or no?

10.  According to Paul's writings here, is a person who is being disorderly to be fellowshipped with?

BONUS#1 Fill in the blanks, 5 points each.  "Yet count him not as an ___________, but admonish
him as a ______________."
BONUS#2  In verse 11, Paul gives a characteristic of those that are disorderly, name it.

2 Thessalonians 1&2 Quiz

1. What word best describes the word "meet" as it is used here in chapter one? A. Acceptable
B. fit C. Good

2. Paul mentions two things that they gloried in regarding the Thessalonians believers'
Persecutions and tribulations they have gone through. Name them, 5 points each.

3. Fill in the blank, " Which is a manifest ------------- of the righteous judgment of God.."

4. What word is used to describe the fire in the illustration of The Lord taking vengeance on
the lost at His return?

5. What type of destruction will the lost be punished with according to 1:9?

6. What word is used in 1:8 regarding those that reject the gospel, "that -------- not the gospel
of our Lord Jesus Christ:"

7. What word best describes the word beseech? A. Beg B. Intreat C. Likes

8. Does it sound like the believers of Thessalonica were troubled about The Lord's return, yes
or no?

9. Who will be revealed before the Day of Christ according to chapter two?

10. What particular trait will accompany the false prophet during the Great Tribulation?

BONUS #1 What two other books in the Bible speak of the Great Tribulation?
BONUS #2 What is the common phrase used to describe the time when the Anti-Christ
refers to Himself as God?
BONUS# 3. Who will send delusion to those that reject the gospel during the Tribulation?
BONUS # 4 What term is used describing what will happen to those who reject the gospel,
having pleasure in unrighteousness?
BONUS# 5 What one word would describe what seems to be Paul's main thought about their
misunderstanding of when The Lord would return, he was trying to -------- them.