Ephesians 6 Quiz

1.  What command is given here in v. 1 to children?

2.  In v. 2 there is another command to children, which is labeled as the first command with promise, what
     is it?

3.  What command is given to fathers in v. 4 regarding what they are NOT to do?

4.  What command is given in v. 4 explaining what fathers ARE to do, "...bring them up in the ___________
      and ____________________ of the Lord.  5 points each

5.  What practice is mentioned indirectly here that was labeled a cause for the Civil War in the USA?

6.  Fill in the blanks, 5 points each, "Finally, my brethren, be _________ in the Lord and in the __________
     of his might."

7.  What are believers to "put on" to help them in their fight against the devil?

8.  What is most likely meant by the phrase, "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of

9.  How did Paul desire to preach according to v. 19 A. Sharply B. Boldly C. Wisely

10.  There is a reference here as we saw in previous chapters to Paul being a prisoner, but he does not
        use that word, what phrase does he use that gives the same idea?

BONUS#1 Name as many pieces of the armour of God as you can, 5 points each.  And additional 5 points
each for each spiritual counterpart you can name.
BONUS#2 We are told that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  Name as many of the 4 things listed that we DO wrestle against, 5 points each.
BONUS#3 Who does Paul name in this chapter as being a beloved brother and a faithful minister?
BONUS#4 What term does Paul use here that he uses many times in this book, this time referring to the gospel that he desire to make known?

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