1 Cor 10 Quiz

1 Cor 10 Quiz

1.  What OT prophet is mentioned in this chapter?

2.  Name one OT incident that is mentioned in chapter 10?

3.  The word "example" is used in this chapter, what similar word is also used, that has a similar meaning?

4.  Complete this verse, "let him that thinketh he ___________, take heed lest he fall."

5.  Will the Lord allow His people to be tempted above what they are able to resist, yes or no?

6.  Complete this verse, "Wherefore my dearly beloved. flee from _____________."

7.  Complete this verse, "Let no man seek his own, but every man another's ___________"

8.  What is meant by another's wealth?  Explain briefly in a few words.

9.  Complete this verse, "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not ____________."

10.  One word is used three times in three verses concerning liberty, idolatry etc.  Complete the word
     Con_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

BONUS#1 What is the book and chapter in the NT that references the serpent account?

BONUS#2  What is being referenced in V. 16?  You may look at the scripture for this answer.

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