Hebrews 11 Quiz

1.  What is the title that is generally given to this chapter?

2.  Fill in the blanks, five points each.  " Now faith is the ____________ of things hoped for! the 
      _____________ of things not seen."

3.  Who is being referred to here with the term "elders?"

4.  What two words are used describing that these that lived by faith were foreigners in this world, 
      as they were children of God?

5.  Should NT believers also think of themself as the same (as those above) regarding their 
     relationship with the world?

6.  What has The Lord prepared for these that have lived by faith?

7.  According to this chapter, other accounts in the Bible and history, have God's people suffered
     persecution for having faith in the true and living God?

8.  Is faith  A.  Merely belief or  B.  A "trust" that evidences itself by following and obeying the one in
     whom faith is placed?

9.  List some of the violent persecutions that are mentioned in this chapter?

10.  Was the world " worthy" of these that lived by faith, yes or no?

BONUS#1.  Name as many of the persons listed in this chapter as you can, five points each.
BONUS#2.  Name some of the victories that are listed in this chapter that were wrought through
                    the faith of some of these, as they followed The Lord, five points each.
BONUS#3.  Did any of those in this chapter receive the promise in their lifetime, yes or no?

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