Hebrews 10 Quiz

1. According to verse one and other references in Hebrews, did the OT law or sacrifices
make anyone "perfect?"

2. Did the OT law or sacrifices take away sins, yes or no?

3. Complete this verse, "For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take
away __________."

4. What did he Lord take away that established the new covenant?

5. Complete this verse, " by the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of
Jesus Christ _______ _______ ________."

6. When the Roman Catholic Church performs the mass, is this basically Christ dying again, yes
or no?

7. Should we adhere more to the Word of God as our Authority or tradition and religious

8. Where did Christ sit after he paid for the sins of man on Calvary?

9. What book and chapter is referred to here regarding the covenant with Israel that The Lord will
make in the future, that was mentioned in chapter eight as well?

10. What word best defines the word, "remission?" A. Forgiveness B. Forgetting C. Payment

BONUS#1. What gives us the ability to boldly enter the "holiest" meaning the ability to approach
God the Father?
BONUS#2. Fill in the blanks, ". Let us draw near with a _______ heart in full assurance of
_________, having our hearts sprinkled from an __________ conscience, and our
bodies washed with pure water?
BONUS#2. What Is the believing reader told to hold fast to in verse 23?
BONUS#4. There are two things we are told to provoke others to, name them, five points each.
BONUS#5. Which of the following best defines the word "forsake?" A. Miss occasionally
B. Quit. C. Not remember
BONUS#6. What happened to those referenced that despised Moses law in Deut. 17?
BONUS#7. Fill in the blanks, five points each. "It is a ________ thing to fall into the _______
of the living God."
BONUS#8. What is the reader told not to cast away in verse 35? A. His confidence B. His water
baptism. C. His testimony
BONUS# 9. Fill in the blanks, five points each. " But we are not of them who draw _______ unto
__________; but of them that believe to the saving of the _______."

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